Another Widzard of Oz

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  • Dedicated to My English Teacher

Mud oozed from the crack in the wall.  Outside debris flew from every direction.  It was the onset of my day.  How much worse can it get? I thought to myself.  But just then, our mobile home was off the ground flying in the air. 

Sudnelly, the home landed with a thud!  I walked out and all around me were miniature people.  My mother had always said,"You will go on many exploits in your lifetime."  Maybe this would be my first.  One of the little people came uo to me and said,"How dare you land your transportation device on our queen?!"  He raised his fist in the air like he was going to punch me but another person came and restrained him. 

Some of the people walked into my home.  So did I.  The only thing that was salvaged was a table and chair.  And on the floor was a scouring pad. 

The little people asked me what my name was and I replied,"Marie.  I would like to go home please." 

"You must first go on a quest to find the purple elephant," said one with a fishbowl on his head. 

Another one said,"Once you reach him, he will pop you home." 

"OK," I replied with fear in my voice.

So now I was on my way to find the purple elephant.  I had some leeway because I was the only was who was there.  No one came with me.  So that gave me some time to myself and some time to think.  This was preliminary round of my venture. 

I was by a cornfield and saw a corroded tin man.  Well no use of saving him I thought.  He won't do me any good to find the elephant.  So I just walked away and left the tin man have time to himself as well. 

Then a few mintues later, I saw him.  The purple elephant.  I had finally made it!  I couldn't beleive it.  I was so elated that I jumped into the air and screamed,"Take me home!"  

"OK little one just say 'I wanna go home' and you will be there," the elephant said back to me. 

I did just as he said and a few mintues later, I was sitting in the garage in the city.  It was just then when I figured out that the house was left in that weird land where I was stranded.  Oh well at least I was home.  Then I took off for my grand-mothers house.  When I told her what happened, she said that it was a patehtic excuse to not be there on time. So I just left it at that and went to my room. 

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