Chapter 1

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Third person POV
(Y/n)s eyes fluttered open to the sight of a pale blue sky, covered in white as snow clouds. (Y/n) slowly sat up, taking in her surroundings. Behind her was a lush green forest, in front was a vast dark blue ocean that shimmered under the sun that beamed down on it.
"How pretty" (Y/n) muttered.
"It is, isn't it?" A strange British voice rang.
(Y/n) continued to look at the shining ocean, when she realised something.
"MY TOP HAT!" (Y/n) cried, patting down her head to make sure it was certainly gone.
"Your what?" The British voice called behind her.
"Terribly sorry to be rude Mister, but I must find my hat." (Y/n) stated before standing up and marching to the ocean where she had landed.
"I wouldn't do that if I where you." The voice called from behind her.
"And why would that be?" (Y/n) questioned while spinning on her heal to face the owner of the voice to see a quiet attractive boy, around her age, 17 or 18, in and around there she supposed. He wore all green that matched his piercing green eyes.
His eyes widened when he saw (Y/n)s eyes. He wondered if he simply imagined this whole thing "how could she have such odd eyes?" He thought to himself, and as if she had read his mind
"Most people tend to stare" (Y/n) stated. Staring down the boy.
"Now if you will, can you tell me why I should not go and get my hat?" (Y/n) questioned him.
"Because mermaids infest those waters. They will drown you dear." The boy simply said.
"Mermaids you say?" (Y/n) had a glint of mischief in her eyes now.
"I suggest you stay well away from them, love."
The boy warned.
(Y/n) then closed the gap between them
"Where is the fun in that?" She whispered in his ear before sprinting off in the opposite direction, towards the sea.
"YOU'RE INSANE!" the boy shouted.
(Y/n) turned around when she was knee deep in the water,
"Don't you think I know that?" She smirked and dove into the water.

Authors note
{All pictures are not mine!
Although I wish they where *cri*}
[Concept/storyline is thoooo]
it's the first chappterrrr
Woop woop
I Would really like for some feedback on any ideas you would like to see happen in this story, I have some lined up and would love to test them out!
Yours truly
-Aoife xx

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