Rydel Lynch

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1. Rydel's full name is Rydel Mary Lynch.

2. Rydel is the only female member of the band.

3. She was born on August 9, 1993 (age 20) in Littleton, CO.

4. She is the keyboard player of the band.

5. Rydel is a tomboy but really girly at the same time.

6. She has never had a boyfriend.

7. She has danced in several commercials, dance DVD's, Sunday School Musical, AC Zone: The Musical, School Gyrls, and more.

8. Rydel plays the keyboard, piano, and she always sings for R5.

9. Her favorite color is pink.

10. Her favorite perfume is Pink Sugar.

11. Her favorite band is Neon Trees.

12. Rydel is a Leo.

13. She is known as the giggly one.

14. She loves wearing tutus.

15. Her favorite superhero is Thor.

16. Her celebrity crush is Chris Hemsworth.

17. Rydel loves Hello Kitty.

18. Her favorite Disney movies are Tangled, Hercules, and Brave.

19. Her music inspirations are The Script, Neon Trees, and All Time Low.

20. Rydel's favorite television show to work on was Glee.

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