Hikari's POV

   "Oh, for the love of-" I rolled my eyes at the Hyuga, who was standing behind us, arms crossed.

   Suzume's and went to my sealed air. "I didn't know you missed me that much," She teased, suppressing a laugh when he have us a glare.

   Suddenly, I heard a familiar sound-

   I groaned as I realized it was one of Kakashi-sensei's calling birds, circling in the sky above our team's usual meeting spot. "Ughh goddammit," I muttered.

   "What?" Suzume asked.

   "Kakashi wants me," I said, motioning to the bird. "My sensei."

   "Oh, well, if he wants you, you can go see what he wants, than come back..."

   "Pfft," I smirked. "Hell no. If he needs me that bad, he'll look for me."

   Neji gave Suzume an impatient grunt, but she ignored it. "Geez, if I showed up late, my sensei would be convinced that it's then end of the world, and would blame Gaara."

   Neji narrowed his eyes. "I don't have all day here."

Suzume's POV

   The Leaf ninja activated his visual jutsu, and shifted his stance, holding one arm out. "Easy, easy, don't get hasty on me," I pulled out 6 shuriken, 3 in each hand, and threw them all at once. As they sliced through the air, green chakra surrounded them, increasing their blades' range.

   The Hyuga whipped around in a circle, enveloping himself in a blue shield of chakra. "Rotation!" He called out. The shield deflected the shuriken.

   He's gonna be a pain...

   Tell me about it.

   Let me handle this for once! A tanuki needs some fresh air! The sand demon struggled to weaken the seal.

   "What are you waiting for?" Neji questioned.

   I grasped my head. What am I doing? I brought myself back to reality. Forming a few hand signs, I created a shuriken out of wind, disguised as a regular shurikenand threw it at the Hyuga. I concentrated, Reforming a hand sign to guide it through the air.

   "Oh, not that again!" He gloated, preforming the same technique as before, only this time, the shuriken vaporized before it hit the barrier. It streamed behind him, shaping into the blades of the weapon again.

   "Oh, do you?" I flung the shuriken back at him, and the sharp wind blade stabbed him in the back before he could react to what his byakugan saw. He winced, earning myself a high five from Hikari. My wind flowed back toward me.

   Next, Neji ran towards me and started using his clan's weird taijutsu. He thrust his palm out to block off the chakra coming to my arm. My bluish green chakra shield appeared, stopping the blow.

   "I forgot about that," He gave me a slight smile. "I'll just have to beat you with speed."

   So he's learning from what he's seen from Gaara...

   "Eight trigrams, sixty four palms!" The hyuga called out.

   "And you call ME repetitive," I joked, remembering when he had used that same trick back at our first match while I was in Konoha for the chunin exams.

   I focused my chakra as he struck my defense, progressively the hits came closer and closer. Soon enough he'd strike before my shield could protect me.

   At 16 palms, pale green air formed and started to take on an arm like shape.

   At 32 palms, the arm, which looked surprisingly like Shukaku's, reached from behind Neji, about to grab him before it was too late

   At 64 palms, a hand pushed against my shoulder, breaking my jutsu.


   "I'd love to have you finish up whatever little thing you have going on here, but we have a mission to go to," He released his grip. "Hikari. Suzume. Let's go."


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