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Okay, so I thought, to maybe better my writing, I could write prompts! You guys could give me ideas to help out a little. It could also help bring back some inspiration for DETERMINATION! ;-;


What I'm able to do-

sin (killme)(it'll only help me get better)
probably anything that isn't too extreme? (like for sin - no kinks or bondage pls. i'm only seventeen idkmuch.)

i will be using gender pronouns if mentioned! Would you want girl/girl? boy/boy? girl/boy? tell meeeee <3

Requests will be commented on this line.

If I'm able to do it, I will comment back!


updoot - I decided to separate explicit chapters from okay to read and teen read:

Okay reads (K) - normal title
Teen reads (T) - One asterisk. *
Mature reads (M) - Two asterisks. **
Explicit reads (E) - Three asterisks. ***

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