Chapter One: Search and Rescue

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"He's got advanced healing. Even when we blinded him, his eyes regenerated. Let's see what happens when we remove a limb." Maddie said sadistically, holding the hack saw in her hands. She inched closer to Danny in a slow and taunting pace. Danny began struggling harder than he ever had before. He screamed, even though the muzzle muted him for the most part. He tried using his powers even though he knew they rendered useless. Just as the spinning blade of the saw made contact with his skin, Danny disappeared from the table only to end up in the extremely high up in the skies somewhere. The sky was sunny and warmed Danny's pale skin. He was shocked.

'Must be a new ghost that Jack and Maddie...' Danny thought to himself. He began flying but very slowly and at some point, he couldn't keep himself floating. He began slowly sinking, then falling all together. Due to his fatigue and blood loss, Danny loss consciousness and was free falling from the sky.

Mount Justice: Few Minutes Before Danny Escapes
The young Justice League were sitting in the living room of Mount Justice either waiting for a mission or for training to begin. Superboy was watching static on the tv, Miss Martian, or as she prefers Meagan, was busy taking freshly baked cookies out of the oven, Kid Flash and Robin were talking, Artemis was messing with the tips of one of her arrows, and Aqualad was sitting on the couch silently with his eyes closed. A few moments later, Black Canary walked in the room and all eyes turned towards her.

"Young Justice, we will begin training now so please come with me." she said and walked out of the room. Everyone stopped what they were doing followed Black Canary to the training room. Artemis and Robin began target practice, Kid Flash ran through the obstacle course, and Megan, Superboy, and Aqualad practiced sparing each other. Suddenly alarms began to blare throughout the training room and the base. Everyone, including Black Canary, ran to the communication hub. Batman appeared on the screens a second later.

"Team, you have a mission. A projectile of some sort was seen falling from the sky and has landed somewhere in the forest thirty miles west of Mount Justice. We need you to go investigate it. Should anything happen that you can't handle, do not hesitate to report it to us." Batman said. The team nodded.

"Alright, Young Justice move out." Aqualad said. The team ran to the Bio-Ship and boarded it. Meagan used her powers to start it up and fly it out of Mount Justice. After flying in silence for a few minutes, Kid Flash asked the one question on everyone's mind.

"What do you guys think it is?" he asked.

"I do not know but we should proceed with caution." Aqualad stated.

"Hopefully it's nothing dangerous." Kid Flash said.

"It's never that simple Wally." Robin said while looking at the ships scanners. His eyes widened when the scanner picked up something on the ground. "Guys I've got something. About two hundred feet away from where we are now." Robin said. Artemis looked over his shoulder and looked at the scanner.

"He's right. Megan land the ship please." Artemis said. Megan nodded her head and the ship descended. The hatch opened and the team walked out.

"The scanner said he's up ahead." Robin said looking at his wrist computer. The team nodded and began to follow Robin who was leading them with his tracker.

Danny's POV 3rd Person (Not what he sees just what's going on) Before the Young Justice Showed Up
Danny fell from the sky still unconscious and crashed through the trees in the forest and onto the ground creating a rather large crater considering he was so thin from being starved in the GIW. What woke him up was the sound of a ship landing. Danny thinking it was the GIW began to panic. He went to get up but found himself unable to. The crash had broken his leg and cracked a few ribs. His left arm was dislocated and multiple gashes, cuts, and scratches reopened across his body covering him in his red and green blood which was also trailing from his head. He heard voices about twenty feet from him thanks to his advanced hearing. With little strength, he floated up from the crater and up into a tall tree nearby. He turned himself invisible so no one could see him. He hissed at the pain that flared through his body. He looked though the leaves of the tree expecting to see GIW agents hunting for him, but instead he saw a strange group of people dressed in strange outfits. One of them who was a girl looked right at his hiding spot.

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