Second Chance

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                 "Louis?" Ryan called to her best friend while swinging. Her blonde hair flowing in the wind made Louis like her a lot more. "Why aren't we as popular as them?" she asked taking her hand off of the chain and pointing to the most popular kids in first grade.  

                  Louis knew that it was him that makes them unpopular. Louis lived on the poor side of town. Even if Ryan was on the rich side of town just being acquainted with him made her unpopular. An outcast just like him. 

                  He thought the day that Ryan came everything would change. He would have more friends. He would be a part of the "Cool" kids. He would maybe, just maybe, not be bullied anymore. Nope, it all got worse. He never forgave himself for doing this to the girl he had a crush on, he never forgave himself that he would let her suffer through everything with him.  

                  He thought that that day was the best day as ever to tell his best friend. She won't freak out if they've already been through everything together.  

                 Louis looked guilty, he couldn't find the words to say to tell her what has been on his mind forever.  

                "You," she said getting off of her swing. "You're the reason I'm not popular. You're the reason I get bullied." She got off of her high swing and stood in front of Louis. "They might like me, they just won't like you. I'll have a chance to be popular." She told him.  

                  Louis felt angry, he thought after everything his best friend would stay his best friend. She wouldn't leave her. "Go!" He yelled at her. "Go and be popular! I don't need a friend that would leave me just for a little popularity! I don't need a friend that'll ditch me when she gets a chance for a new bunch of friends! Go!" A tear slid down his face.  

                "Fine! I will!" She yelled back and they stood in silence. She didn't want to leave, she only said that because he wasn't being fair. She didn't mean that she would leave. A tear slid down her angelic face. And she walked away. 

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