Into The New World

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Title: To Be Assassins
Author: FiammeNight/NightSky
Pairing: Undecided (SLASH), Past!R27
Rating: T
Genre: Friendship
Summary: Sawada Tsunayoshi, 21 years old, Vongola Decimo and the bearer of one of the Tr-Ni-Sette, had died on a battle field between Vongola and San Lorenzo. However, waking up on a room that he had left for years was not something he expects. It was the same room he had lived for 14 years, located in Namimori. Just what had happen? What was more bizarre is, he found out that 70% of the moon had been destroyed. Just what kind of world he had land on?

Chrome: NightSky-sama, I didn't see boss.
NightSky: Hmm, I don't know what you are talking about. *CRASH*
Chrome: That sound...
NightSky: No! There's nothing there! Just my cat crashing on my things.
Mukuro: You lied.
NightSky: *sweating*
Hibari: I'll bite you to death for lying.
NightSky: Then, I leave the disclaimer to you Tsuna. * Run from the demon prefect*
Tsuna: Huh. Chrome, I'm here the whole time. *Being ignored* Huh... well, whatever. NightSky-san didn't own KHR and ACR. *CRASH* *Yells*
Hibari: Come here so I can bite you to death!
NightSky: On with story!! Kyaaaahhhh!!

Chapter 1

Chirp! Chirp!

A sound that he had missed to hear. When was the last time he heard the birds chirping happily? He can't remember. What he remembers was the sound of gunshot everywhere.


Unconsciously, his hand retracted from under the duvet and slam on the poor clock. Pulling the duvet from his head, he opens one eye. He grimaced as he touched his heart where he was shot at. He watched the ceiling for two minutes as the gears on his brain start functioning. The first word he said:

"Where the heck am I?"

He sits on the bed, clutching his head that's hurting like hell. One question lingers, unanswered.

"Why am I alive?"

Yes, why is he alive? He still remembers what had happen. A war between Vongola and San Lorenzo, the death of his father, Sawada Iemitsu and his guardians and many more. And finally, him. He was the last person who had protected him, the person who had loved him. Reborn, jis tutor and his lover was the last one who had died in front of him.

All of them had died. Died while protecting the Decimo. Him.

"Heh, even though I'm the Decimo, I'm the one who being protected." He chuckled bitterly. Images of his precious family, guardians and tutor played in front of him. The smiles, laughter, fighting; he missed all of it.

Tsuna watched the rising sun.

A new day and a new world.

A sigh. He let his eyes drift around the room. It was the same room he had lives since his younger days. A photo frame on the desk catches his attention. He walks towards it and grab the frame. It was him with his mother. He gave a longing smile, brushing through the frame. His mother had known about him being in the Mafia - not before she gave hell towards his husband after knowing it.

After a while, he sees something on the desk, shining. It was a ring. A ring that he had wears every time and every second. It was the ring that Reborn had given him, the same day he had confess to him. Tsuna of course happy, so happy that he could die of happiness.

Just remembering about it, is enough to make the dam he had hold to broke. He clutched the ring like it was his life line, sobbing while repeating his lover name.

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