Mine, Mine-Mine!

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"Put your shit right in there, and follow me." The prison guard orders.

"And keep up for Christ fucking sake!" I scoff and throw my stuff in the cubby, before racing behind him, the sound of the chains around my feet and arms jingling with every sway.

"I would be able to walk if you'd take these goddamn chains off of me." I spit out, making him turn with a glare, his meaty fist coming up to grab my jaw roughly.

Was I scared? No, but I'd like for him to remove his nasty fucking hand off of me. The bastard smelled the way his wall paper looked in his office–like shit.

"Shut your damn mouth, you're here for a reason. The cuffs stay on, keep running your damn mouth and I'll keep you in them for a month. Move!" He yells and I flinch away from him, his spittle flying each and everywhere.

Realizing that his breath was no better, the stench enough to paralyze a full grown bear.

"Through here, this is where we house all of our inmates. Say hello to your new roommates boy, and smile pretty. They love a good show, so why don't cha put on one for them."

He chuckles and the sound of the buzzer going off alerts him of the door being opened.

"Hello boys, I have fresh meat for ya! Say hello to Evan, I want ya all to welcome him with open arms!" He calls out teasingly, and I watch as all the men behind the bars stop what they're doing to come and have a look at me.

"I get to f*ck him first." A male with blond hair smirks, his tongue coming out to lick his full lips pink lips. His pretty features reminding me of a Ken doll.

"No fair mate, I'd like to have him bent over my cot first! If anythin' he'd want me first. Won't cha doll?" He asks smiling, showing off his browning teeth.

My mouth opens and closes, and I feel my face darken in anger. "Awe see Rich, he's a blushin' I'm definitely going to f*ck em' before you do, ya twat."

"He's mine boys, I call dibs on him. Besides Rich and Kevin, neither of your c*cks are big enough for him anyway, he looks like he likes them at least, my size. Call me Stallion baby." A brunette laughs, his southern country accents shining through every word.

"I call dibs!"

"He's mine!" Rings throughout the cells, and my anger continues to rise with every crude word that spills from their mouths.

"I'm not anyone's fucking toy, slut, or plaything damn it! All of you, shut the fuck up!" I scream, and everyone and everything goes quiet, except for the sound of a person's cell door opening.

"Actually, he'll be mines boys. Any one touches him, you're dead. So much as look at him with lustful eyes you're dead again two times over." A man's accented rough voice drawls lazily, causing shivers to go down my spine.

Good or bad? I can't really tell you which one yet, even though it should be bad, being that even the prison guard looks afraid.

"Awe come on kitten, can't ya at least share him ma—," Kevin whines, his eyes flickering from me to inside one of the cells. "What the fuck did I say Kev?" Kevin folds in on himself, and backs away from the bars.

"M'sorry Kit." He whispers and finally a foot steps out of the cell, followed by a well—did I say well? I mean, a really fucking great body. Muscles upon rippling muscle greets my eyes, and I can't help but to trail them up and down his tall frame.

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