No Bail?

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"How do you find the defendant?" Judge Williams asked the jury, who glanced around at each other.

I had to win, it was a solid case! No way would I Evan Steward, kill my snobby older sister and her dumb ass boyfriend.

Yeah, I had plenty of reasons to slit her and his homophobic throat, but I didn't.

And once again yeah, I was there at the crime scene, but I had just shown up to ask if we were still having Sunday dinner.

I didn't expect to actually find my sister and her boyfriend sliced up like freakin' French bread.

Neither did I expect to slip and slide in their blood, right across the shiny dining room floor.

It was as much as a surprise for me as it was for the rest of my family. I loved my sister, even after she embarrassed me, and practically pushed me out of 'my closet' so to speak.

She was my best friend, as hard as it is to believe.

That's why I could understand why the whole town couldn't get it through their thick skulls. Me, Evan Steward, did not kill Emily Steward and Rich Darwin.

I couldn't even imagine being a murderer, it just wasn't in my blood, let alone mudering my own sister! No matter the case.

Everyone who knew me, saw me as a happy-go lucky flamboyant person. The boy who came waving that rainbow color flag from the womb. Not a goddamn machete.

I was a straight 'A' student through high school and college, I never went to parties, and I never ever drunk while driving.

We lived in a little county in the state of Alabama, where hardly anything such as my predicament ever happened.

The whole town was in an uproar about it, even my friends pinned it on me.

Only person who believed that I didn't do it was my aunt, and that's because I was at her house during their murder. I had an alibi for god sake!

So you can just about imagine, how I felt when those seven words yes–seven words resounded around the courtroom.

"We find the defendant guilty–your honor."

Guilty—t-they find me guilty...

Tears poured down my cheeks and I glanced back into the loud crowd searching for my parents.

Some one had to believe me, I wouldn't do anything like this!

"Mom!" I croaked once our eyes met and she quickly looked away from me, shame shining brightly.

"Mom, dad!" I cried out making judge Williams bang his gavel down against the podium.

"That's enough, order in the court!" He bellowed and all the whispering hushed, causing a dead silence to envelope the whole court house.

"I didn't d-do it! Mommy–I swear! Ask aunt Sophie!" I croaked loudly and her body folded in on itself.

"I said order in the court!" Williams bellowed again, and Charlie, my lawyer grabbed my elbow. "Please, Mr. Steward."

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