Dawn and Zach -They both hate each other.....but that was before she had a killer makeover!

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Hey everyone who's going to be reading my story. i wrote this in a spur of a moment because i really love an ugly duckling to beautiful swan theme! And i couldn't find any books with that theme to read. therefore....the story. Please feel free to leave comment...i'd love that! But no haters please. and yeah....this story is purely fictitious!

"Does anyone object to this matrimony?",asked the priest. " I do",said a voice. The church was quiet. Everyone turned to look at Dawn Westrich. The next-in-line Ceo of the largest electronics company in the world. The youngest to achieve such a feat. The bride's best friend.

"Zach cannot marry Carrie because he has been having an affair with me for the past six months",she said. Zach Denver's face was white, with anger. Carrie blanched. Dawn just felt numb. Lights began flashing before her eyes and the next minute everything went black.


"Can you believe the consequences of your actions?",Zach bit out. Dawn just stared."i did what i had to." "yeah? What was that? Ruin my life?",he asked angrily. She jerked back. "alright Dawn...but remember...you started it. Anything that might happen...any misfortune...might be the consequences of your doings." "are you threatening me?",she asked. "no...just letting you know. The marriage is off, thanks to you. Your friend is suffering, i am and so will you. The press probably believes i'm paying you off right now...so get the hell out of my life. The next time i see you...you won't be so damn proud",he ground out savagely. With one last look at him, Dawn left the room to be hounded by the photographers. She put on her glares. Questions were thrown at her from everywhere. She tried to block them out. "why were you having an affair with your best friend's fiances ms Westrich?" "what was mr denvers doing dating you when he had the beautiful ms archer?" they hurt. But Dawn was beyond hurt. She couldn't feel anything. She got into her car and drove off.


Eight months later.

"damn it man. Take the car...but give me a minute to get out",yelled Dawn as the repo guys were taking away her stuff. Withing eight months of her...Carrie's s disastrous wedding, Zach had done just as promised....he had ensure Dawn had nothing left....nothing at all. "cool it....take every fucking thing! Take me if you want dammit!",Dawn shrieked. She got off her car and watched everything taken out. Her house was going to be auctioned. Zach had destroyed her. She was paying...paying for saving her friend's life. Paying for letting her friend marry the man she loved instead of that business merger. Or rather...Zach's obsession with Carrie.

But somewhere instead she blamed herself. Some deep, dark part of her was glad Zach wasn't married. Some deep,dark part of her loved Zach. And she hated that part.


Zach Denvers was celebrating. He had turned 32. But that wasn't the reason for celebration. The reason was that Dawn Westrich had finally become destitute. She had nothing. Just as he had felt few months back. How could that little plain girl steal away what he had planned for so long. She had paid. She deserved it.she had stolen the dream of owning Carrie's dad's company. The merger of the century. She had stolen away beautiful Carrie from him. He drunk away to glory. Tonight he would party. He would worry about that damned Dawn later.


"Dawn....this is Zach",he said into the speaker. "yes...what do you want now...cause the only thing i have left is me",she replied bitingly. "well actually, you do owe me a few million dollars don't you?",he remined her. "yeah sure Zach...my only unpaid debt...but wait...i don't have money to pay it", she said sarcastically. "well obviously...i can send you to prison...but i won't. You just have to do some favors for me.",he proposed. "what kind of favors?",she asked suspicious. "not what your thinking Dawn. I don't want you that way. I never did. But you were to stupid to know when a man didn't want you",he told her. His words were true. That's why they hurt. They hurt like hell and Dawn didn't reply. "but however...i have a better proposition. Meet me for dinner at the four season tonight at eight. If you interested...not like you have a choice...you'll come",he said deciding for her. Dawn was livid and worried at the same time. "dress well Dawn....you might need to look presentable tonight",he added just to hurt her already bleeding wound. "fine Zach, i'll be there. Otherwise you can just send me to prison", she told him before he slammed her receiver down. Godamn! The man wouldn't rest till she was dead!


"i don't know what to wear Tania",Dawn said with her usual practial face. "not that i have many clothes. But i don't go to parties and...you know." Tania looked at her disbelievingly. "dammit Dawn....i love having a friend like you...but your too good to be true....you've given up your whole damn life for Carrie." Dawn flinched,"don't go there Tania...please",she whispered. "fine...ok...now let's get down to you. I think i know what you need,"she said with a sly smile. Dawn groaned.


Five hours, a haircut, a lot of pulling and prodding by Tania and an hour a trying out clothes Dawn was ready. But she couldn't recognize herself. Tania smiled at her handiwork. Dawn looked in the mirror. She didn't see herself. She saw a sexy woman. Her long dark hair in waves around her face. Her cat eyes looking smoked and sexy. She was wearing a scarlet red dress, a short tube that moulded every curve of her body. Dawn had always thought she was fat. He had a ample curves and was just 5 feet 3". Her legs looked so long with the sexy high stilletoes. Dawn couldn't believe her eyes. Her face looked....so different. So sexy. Her lips were smoky red and her cheekbones looked blushed red. She looked at Tania. Tania smiled back,"are you ready to shock him off his feet?"


Zach was bored. He had gotten along Alexa, a starlet who had a brain the size of a peanut...oh wait...that was too big...maybe a nanochip. She was talking about her favourite topic-herself! For the last hour. Damn Dawn for being late. He wanted to watch her squirm. He had gotten along one of his couleagues, trey, who was...to be kind...desperate. women hated him. She sort of clung to them and was real pushy. Hell Dawn deserved it. She might even like it...she probably hadn't had a date in years...looking like that!

He looked up. A woman had entered the lounge. She was wearing red-his favourite. And she was sex on legs. He hadn't had such a reaction to a woman in ages. She wasn't skinny...like how women preferred to look ..she had amazing curves...a tiny littly waist and sexy legs. Hell he couldn't stop looking at her. She was walking towards them.

"Zach...i'm sorry i'm late",said the woman Zach wanted to take to bed like a caveman. Zach couldn't believe his eyes. That woman was Dawn Westrich.

Zach stood up. "umm..hello Dawn...this is my friend Alexa......ummm...just Alexa",he said fumbling over his words. "and this is trey hogan....my coulougue",he said.

"hi",Dawn said as she took her seat beside trey. Zach sat down still dumbfolded. "so what do you do Dawn?",asked Alexa. "right now?",Dawn asked brightly,"nothing!and it's all because of Zach",she said enjoying his discoumfort. He obviously hadn't noticed that she had changed her appearance. Damn him.

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