the ugly swan [completed] by Enterintomymind
the ugly swan [completed]by Tallara
"What if the ugly duckling turned into a ugly swan?" "Maybe she was never ugly to begin with." ✿-✿-✿-✿-✿ ...
  • beauty
  • duckling
  • romance
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ℒove or ℒust? [RDJ] by DowneysDuck
ℒove or ℒust? [RDJ]by Avri Scott
*COMPLETED "What? What's wrong?" He asked, looking anxious. "Nothing, I was just admiring you. You're so perfect." I said. "I know I am, but I'...
  • downey
  • duckling
  • fanfiction
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garbage land (art book 3)  by Roman-Lewis
garbage land (art book 3) by ciou ( iou-cat)
Welcome to my dump. Oh that? Ignore that, that's just my first art book, that's in the soon to burn pile. Mkay kindly look through them fuck off I'm an introvert
  • cuz
  • ducking
  • ass
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You're Disgusting   ↛  miraculous au by RoseHasRed222
You're Disgusting ↛ Rose Red
Marinette Dupain-aching was known as the ugliest girl in school! She had the biggest crush on the most popular guy in school, Adrien Agreste. Little did she know, he fel...
  • ladybug
  • ugly
  • marinette
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Show-Biz [RDJ] by DowneysDuck
Show-Biz [RDJ]by Avri Scott
In the 1930s, a young pianist named Robert Downey Jr. moves from bustling New York City, to jazzy Chicago, in search of a better life as a musician. When he arrives, he...
  • ducklings
  • chicago
  • pianist
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Badboy Professor Downey (Rdj Fanfic) by rdjsducks
Badboy Professor Downey (Rdj rdjsducks
[FLUFF- No sexual content] Graduating girl, Isabelle falls for an older yet badass man who just happens to be her science teacher. Does he feel the same? Will her single...
  • ironman
  • hankpalmer
  • sherlockholmes
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Dad's Best Friend [Robert Downey Jr] by rdjsducks
Dad's Best Friend [Robert Downey rdjsducks
[UNCOMPLETED] [FLUFF: No sexual content] Erin Fuller is an 18 year old girl who's just graduated at an amazing private school in Alaska. She's going back to Los Angeles...
  • ducklings
  • fanfiction
  • rdj
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Random One-Shots by aestheticalleee
Random One-Shotsby flowerspacebaby
Oh you know, just some random one shots I think of. Ranges from a ton of different genres depending on my mood.
  • helpline
  • poetry
  • abbey
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| LIE TO ME | by complicateddeath
| LIE TO ME |by digital hug lord
you and all your friends have died.
  • bananas
  • duckling
  • loser
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Rățușca cea urată by BlueSwagEyes
Rățușca cea uratăby Elena
Ratusca cea urata, stiu ca te gandesti la ce trebuie, da, chiar asa.. povestea aceea clasica, in care Anabella McCartney este o adolescenta care datorita celor din ju...
  • uglyduckling
  • ugly
  • bella
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The Aesthetic Geek by tinapeyy
The Aesthetic Geekby tinapeyy
I'm Driss Chandrylle Logan, a big fat, ugly, brown, and a nerd girl who fell in love with the schools hearthrob. I assumed that everything was perfect. I have the wealt...
  • driss
  • big
  • zed
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