The Triangle of The Hidden...And Me

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     My eyes opened and I found myself lying on a pile of straw in the dark. I panicked as I saw 3 pairs of... eyes I think, staring at me. I saw 9 triangles all facing me, but these weren't your usual triangles. They had rounded edges and were a color I can only describe as a fiery mix of orange, green and blue. I jumped as a powerful voice spoke,"get up young one!"

     "Who's there?," I cried, trying to find a way to escape. My pitiful attempt ended with me hyperventilating and screaming. "I said get up!" the voice came again. I slowly got up, shaking. "I said get up!" the voice said again. I slowly got up, shaking.

     "We are the Triangle of The Hidden. You are our creation, made to to form a relationship with a male from Earth. Your relationship with him is to be one of no feelings." By this time I had calmed down a bit, but I was still shaking.

     "It's just a dream, it's just dream," I thought. "There was no possible way this could be real," I thought. I tried my hardest to wake up, but it wouldn't work, I even slapped my self, but still nothing. "Well I might as well listen to this craziness," I thought to myslef.

     "You are to go to a little town on Earth called Josias, where you will find the boy. Your name is to be Adelina while you're on Earth, and if anyone asks for your last name, it's Mays. In the process of your creation we implanted everything you would need to know on earth in your brain, which is equal to that of a 17 year old."

      "I might as well play along, this dream doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon," i thought. I gasped! I could just barely make out the figure of three human men. The first looked to be as old as earth itself with a long silver beard and sickly thin. The second seemed to be middle aged with a bald head and quite a round belly. The third was a boy no more than 18, the sight of him made me gawk for he was purely beautiful.

"Ah your eyes are adjusting to our world," the big round one said with a smile." "I am Heinz, the ruler of all things hidden. This is Mandek, the wise one," he said pointing to the older one. "And this Auden, the overseer of the mortals." The boy smiled and nodded at me. "He's different from the others, he doesn't act like the others. He's not treating me like servant."

"You have been given 2 powers as of which you will figure out how to use as time goes on. You are to go there, learn as much as you can about the boy, then come back here and report to us," Heinz said. "Auden will teach you about our world when you are not on Earth. As for now you may rest." They started walking away and as they did their appearances were dimming. They were almost gone when Mandek said, "you start in 2 days." A picture slowly fell to the floor as he said his last words. I picked it up and couldn't help but gawk, this kid was seriously hot!


"Heinz, do you think she's ready? It's possible her feelings and memories from her past life may arouse," Mandek said. Auden frowned and said" you're right, I shall watch over her, for that cannot happen." Heinz thought about it "Auden you are to divert her attention as far as her feelings." he smiled and said,"when you are teaching her about Earth, form a relationship with her, make her "fall for you" as those humans say. "


I woke up to the sound of Auden coming into my room. "Rise and shine sleepyhead! We have a big day ahead of us," he said. I moaned and rolled over, but mostly to cover up how I looked which couldn't have been pretty. When I showed no signs of getting up I heard a snap and the next thing I knew, I was floating in mid air!

"What the heck!" I yelled at him. He smirked and I heard a snap again and I was on the ground. I must've showed question on my face because he said, "one of my powers." And extended a hand to help me up. I grasped it and suddenly I felt a warmth in my hand and both of ours were glowing. The look of shock on his face told me he didn't know what was going on either. As soon as he tugged me up he let go and brushed off his hands. He gestured to his left where a small pile of clothes were sitting.