Chapter 2

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" Slade? I have heard of you, you are that evil guy that hurts people for no reason! You hurt people for fun and NOBODY likes you!", Heather didn't care anymore if she got shocked. She already was in a lot of pain with her broken ankle and sore body now.

Slade started walking over to Heather. And Heather didn't expect this at all, but he backhanded her in the face.

It was enough to knock her and the chair to the floor, and she could taste blood dripping into her mouth.

" Now child, I have to go do some unfinished buisness", said Slade. " Now my little friends will watch over you in case you try to escape". At that moment at least 15 people looking like Slade came out and stood around her with their backs to her.

~~ At Titan's Tower~~

" He got away again!", screamed Robin

" And did you see him take that girl with him? Why would he want an ordinary girl?",Cyborg said a little calmer than Robin.

"That girl must be pretty special if Slade took her",Raven said calmly.

"Should we make with the haste to find her?", Starfire said.

" I bet I can track her down with her scent that she might have left behind? At least I can try.", Beastboy at that moment turned into a bloodhound.

" Okay we will go to where we saw them, then Beastboy track down the scent and we save her and get rid of Slade! Now lets move out!" Robin said a bit calmer now.

Heather was put up right again after being knocked down. Her pain was easing a little right now in her body. Her ankle was so swelled up and purple that if you touched it the slightest she would scream.

Slowly Slade walked out of the shadows. And at that moment you could hear a faint voice shout " Titans Go".

Heather couldnt help smirking despite the pain she was in. Slade saw that smirk and shocked her again but longer this time.

Heather screamed so loud that it alerted where she was to the Teen Titans. Slade shouted " Go and kill them"! All of the Slade minions left her and went outside.

Heather could hear explosions and screaming but she couldnt know who was winning. A couple minutes later Beastboy crashed into the warehouse door and shouted to the others " I found them"!

And then all of the Titans ran in. Heather didn't notice but Slade was gone he must have left when Beastboy called the others.

Robin you could tell was furious because Slade was gone once again. All of them started making there way over to Heather.

Raven said then to the others " We have to bring her back to the tower. Her ankle is broken and she is probably tired and hungry and in a lot of pain.

" I shall carry her there then", Starfire said in excitment.

" Okay lets go", Robin was still angry but a little less tense now.

Heather didn't say a thing. She was so scared that she couldn't. Starfire came over and picked her up and said, " Meet you guys at the tower", and flew off.

Nobody said a word the whole way to the tower. When they arrived she was placed on the couch in front of a huge television! The others were already there andthey all sat infront of her. Beastboy then came over with some pizza for her. They all stared at her which made her a little more scared.

" Ummm hi I am Rob...", Robin then was cut off.

" I know who you guys are", Heather said.