A/N: New story about three teen shifters in an intense love triangle. The title really tells it all lol

Pic on side is Jade Green

Chapter one: Jades Pov

"Wow that was great babe!" I said in between panting. Trish's beautiful face popped up from in between my legs with a knowing smirk across her lips.

"Yeah I know." She said simply as her smile grew showing me her famous family dimple on her left cheek.

She slowly crawled on top of me until we were face to face, and then crashed her soft pink lips onto mine. When she kisses me I can tell how much she loves me, the passion is never lacking. I felt her tongue slide across my bottom lip asking for entrance that I immediately gave to her. She tasted so good like a mixture of milk and honey. I felt a growl rumble through her chest which meant she was getting excited again. Time to stop this now before Alpha Redwood catches us, again.

"Babe stop we have to get ready for school." I say as I try to move from underneath her. She isn't ready to give up so easily leaving me to use a little of my wolf strength to finally shove her off. I stand up beside her queen bed and run my hands over my green and white sundress. She chuckles as she watched me panic; running her hands threw her shoulder length brown hair.

"You're funny" Trish says casually as she gets up and slips on her jeans.

"Why?" I ask curiously. It's not like I did anything

"You always think my dad is going to catch us and kill you or something." Trish replied pulling a red polo shirt over her head. She is so cute with her little frame and tomboy swag.

"Your dad did catch us before or did you forget." I point out to her. She just shrugs the memory away, searching her messy floor for her other red Chuck Taylors shoe. I on the other hand shudder at the memory. It was about two years ago when we first decided to act on the feelings we had developed for each other. We were both fifteen at the time, with minds of adults (or so we thought) One night we just made out behind the main pack house, her house. Her father was going away for pack business and wanted to say goodbye to his only daughter when he caught us.

I cried through the entire three hour lecture about how same sex relationships in a pack were unnatural not to mention unheard of since we all have mates out there. Trish took the whole situation differently; she didn't care about her mate or what's considered normal. She argued with her parents the entire time even going as far as telling them she wasn't going to stop seeing me. Her parents punished her and made me promise to stay away, which I eagerly agreed to just to get away from scary Alpha Redwood.

"Jade! Watch out!" I jump at the sound of Trish's shout, turning in time to see two massive bodies slam me into the bed.

"Chris! Josh! Get the hell off me!" I yelled with all my might as they continued to smother me on the bed. Matters were only made worse as Trish my lovely girlfriend, did the honors of jumping onto the dog pile. Ugh her brothers are so childish! Also very heavy. We all tussled around on her bed laughing and throwing punches until her oldest brother (next pack leader) came in.

"Guys cut it out, it's time to go" Leo said using a little of that deep alpha tone letting us know he meant business.

Leo was eighteen and so was his twin Chris, while Josh was seventeen as was his fraternal twin Trish. I am seventeen too; unfortunately for me I don't have any siblings or family in general anymore. We all got up sluggishly still shoving each other out the room. Downstairs their parents were at the huge wooden table eating breakfast and reading the paper. Alpha didn't acknowledge our presence, and Luna (their mother and second in command) simply smiled and sipped her coffee. The Redwoods are a great family, they lead our pack well.

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