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Janaria Skyler Davis

"Beenie gone head bruh !" I yelled

"No, wake up."

He kept hitting me with my pillow as I was trying to sleep. I don't even know why my mama let his ass inside my house.

"Get up and get dressed. It's 2 in the afternoon."

"Okay and ? It's summer time, get the hell out my damn house."

"Yo mama told me to wake you up, so get up."

"Fuck you, get out."

"Alright, I got something for your lil ass." He walked out

I put my head under my pillow and went back to sleep. That shit ain't last long cause somebody snatched the pillow off my head.

"Man what the hell." I mumbled

"Wake yo dumbass up." Ben started hitting me

"Okay !" I yelled

"Yo lil ugly ass." Kentrell said "And yo mouth stink."

"Kentrell shut up." I sat up wrapping my cover around my body "Get out."

Ben left out the room and Kentrell sat down on my bed.

"Ain't I say get out ?" I looked at him

"Hell I need to get out for ?" He took his phone out of his pocket

"Cause I need to get dressed and ion got on no clothes under this cover."

I always get hot at night and take my clothes off, sleeping in a sports bra and some boy shorts. I don't know why I would sleep under the covers if I'm hot.

"So, get up and show your man some." He smirked

"Bye, you tried it buddy." I rolled my eyes "You got a lil girlfriend anyways."

"Ion mess with that girl like that no more."

"Number one lie told around the world to every female." I stood up with my cover

"Aight, believe what you want." He shrugged before laying across my bed

"Kentrell, seriously ?"

"I ain't bothering you, I'm laying here being observant." He watched my every move

"You are so annoying along with your dirty friends."

"Only dirty thing is you lil bitch." KD walked past my room

I went over to my closet and grabbed a white polo shirt and True Religion jeans I cut into some shorts. I took my shower and got dressed into my clothes for today.

"Get up so I can make my bed."

"You really took that cover in the bathroom with you ?" He looked at me

"Yes because your pervert ass was watching my every move."

He got off of the bed and I fixed my cover and pillows. I grabbed the jordan shoe box and took out my master 12s putting them on.

"Where you going ?" He asked as I stood infront of my mirror

"Your not my nigga." I mocked that video before laughing

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