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Hola mis amigos y amigas! I got bored, and I know it's a school night but I was like eh, ok. So here it is! 

1) Full name: Keeper of the Five Olympians (hey, they didn't say WHICH name, so loophole lol) 

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1) Full name: Keeper of the Five Olympians (hey, they didn't say WHICH name, so loophole lol) 

2) Zodiac Sign: Gemini yayyyyy

3) 3 fears: Heights (though it has gotten a lot better), losing loved ones, and falling (but at really high distances. that might be the same as heights but eh)

4) 3 Things I Love: My family, friends, and food (just to name a few)

5) Turn on's: The only one I will disclose is FOOD

6) Turn off's: People who act like they own the world, idiocy, rude people, and just being a jerk. The world already suffers enough, why add to more people's sadness? 

7) My Best Friend: Lisa, aka the best sister in the world (even though we aren't related lol)

8) Sexual Orientation: Straight, and if you aren't then that's cool too! :D

9) Best First Date: I'm going to be hypothetical because I've never gone on a date before. Hmmm, I guess just hanging out and being ourselves, at someplace where we can laugh and talk. And with good food XD 

10) Height: 5'1 (sadly that number hasn't grown and neither have I XD) 

11) What I Miss: My best friend, childhood memories 

12) Time of Birth: No idea

13) Favorite Color: BLUE (or green, white, or grey. But blue is #1) 

14) Do I have a crush?: I used to, but I'm taking time away from crushes right now. So no, but eventually I will. 

15) Favorite Quote: "True friendship isn't about being inseparable. It's about being separated, and nothing changes," -Anonymous 

16) Favorite Place: My room 

17) Favorite Food: Salmon, lasagna, chocolate, the list goes on forever lol

18) Do I use sarcasm?: I do, but I'm not super good at it XD. I think my sarcastic tone needs some work lol

19) What am I listening to right now?: Josh Bogert's cover of "Feeling Good" on Youtube. (Backstage fans: Aviva and Josh have Youtube channels OMGGGGG GO WATCH THEM)

20) First Thing I Notice in a New Person: The way they act 

21) Shoe Size: a 7?

22) Eye Color: Brown

23) Hair Color: Brown

24) Favorite Clothing Style: Casual, except on special occasions

25) Ever done a prank call?: You bet! They're really fun, but the last time I did it our friend had caller ID XD. It failed, but I still had fun.

26) Underwear Color: Nope! Not going to answer that

27) Username Meaning: Well it's just a mashup of the titles of my favorite book series 

Keeper of the Lost Cities + Five Kingdoms + Percy Jackson and the Olympians universe = Keeper of the Five Olympians! (Though I have a lot more book favorites, these are the main ones) 

28) Favorite Movie: Still Guardians of the Galaxy. I haven't had time to watch any new ones yet lol

29) Favorite Song: Too many to choose from, but today it's "I Want Crazy" by Hunter Hayes

30) Favorite Band: I guess FOB, but I listen to more individual artists 

31) Current Mood: Kind of stressed because I have a lot of homework to finish, but I can do it! 

32) Someone I love: My sibling

33) Relationship Status: Single and always have been (which is actually pretty nice) 

34) Relationship With My Parents: Respectful. They can be a bit strict, but in the end I know they mean well. So it all works out

35) Favorite Holiday: Christmas! Or Easter

36) Tattoos/Piercings I Have: None. I don't know if I want to get my ears pierced yet, it sounds kind of painful

37) Tattoos/Piercings I Want: See above. I also don't want any tattoos, but some of them look really nice! 

38) The Reason I Joined Wattpad: I love the stories on here, and now I get to create my own! Plus, it's pretty cool that I've met new friends on here too :)

39) Last Book I Read: The Apology by Plato (its for English class) 

40) Do I ever get "good morning/night" texts?: Yeah I have, but mostly from friends. But it's still sweet anyway

41) Have I ever kissed the last person I texted?: Well one, I've never been kissed. And two, I texted a group chat sooooooooo that would be a bit strange XD

42) When did I last hold hands?: Today, in a prayer circle

43) How long do I take to get ready in the morning?: At best, ten minutes. Worst, fifteen (depends on how sleepy I am lol) 

44) Have I shaved my legs in the past three days?: I don't want to answer that?

45) Where am I right now?: That's a creepy question, but home. 

46) If I'm drunk and I can't stand, who would support me?: Well I don't think I'll ever get drunk, but if I did it would be my best friend for sure. Though I feel like I'm going to be the designated driver type of friend anyway lol. 

47) Loud music or reasonable volume?: Reasonable volume most of the time, unless it's at a party. Then crank it up! 

Ok now for the lucky nominees: 






If you're reading this, you can do it too! Though it was a bit long lol. Have a great day! :D

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