They Caught Us (Funny/Embarrassing)

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I woke up from a loud throaty snoring in my ear. Strong muscular arms wrapped around my bare waist. I turned my head toward the heavy snoring trying to get out but failed. So I laid down and admired his features.
August is so sexy when he's sleep.
I stared at him in aww. Taking this moment in. I snuggled into his chest remembering that we were completely naked from our yesterday event. I smiled The snoring stopped thank god and August eyes fluttered open.

"Good Morning." August said in his raspy voice pulling you closer.

"Morning bae." you replied.

This is the memorable moment that needs to last forever

"AYYYEEEE August wake up, the guys are going to hang out." August's bestfriend Jake said.

Spoke to soon. August groaned and I sighed. I got out of bed to go into the bathroom that's in the room..When the door opened revealing Jake standing there.

"OH MY GOD!" he yelled in stock. Looking at my naked body.

I stood their in shock, not able to move.

"Ayyy guys get up here." Jake yelled

All the guys ran up stairs.

"Damn Y/N nice tits."

The boys all drooling over you.
You were just standing there not able to move. August grabbed your arm pulling you up under the covers.
You hid your face under the the covers and into his chest.

"Damn August you sure are one lucky nigga."

"Ohh y'all been getting it in, I knew I heard yelling yesterday."

The boys all chuckle.

You slap August on his chest, signaling to him that's it's not funny.

"Get out." you said still under the covers.

"Y/N why you still under the cover? Looking at something interesting."

You pulled the covers from over your head. Your cheeks red.

"Ya'll can't knock?" You snapped.

"Ya'll can't afford lock?" Jake replied.

"Ok guys were going to leave you two, to whatever."

"And nice body Y/N."

"Dude, get out!" August said.

They left but not without trading smirks.

"What the fuck.." you said chuckling awkwardly.
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