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Hey guys I'm back (oh no) with a new story. Yeah. I can hardly keep a story going I just have to make new ones.
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"Do you need something Cas?" Dean chuckled at the figure peering in through his door.

"I- I'm not sure dean." Cas said, stepping into the room and sitting in the foot of Dean's bed, "How does it feel?" Cas muttered, fiddling the blanket perched on the end of the bed.

"Yeah you lost me. How does what feel Cas?" Dean narrowed his eyes in confusion about what the angel was going on about.

"Um." Cas stared at the ground. Somehow, he was ashamed of not knowing and embarrassed of asking.

"Spit it out Cas, I'm not gonna bite." Dean urged the angel.

"Um. How does um." Castiel trailed off when he reached the end of his sentence and he took a deep breath before trying again, "How does it feel to make love?"

Dean's jaw dropped in shock and he stared at Castiel for a long while before stuttering, "W-what?"

"Love making, commonly known as sex or intercourse. How does it feel?" Cas didn't see what the problem was. He'd gotten through the step of asking, explaining should be easy.

"Well, Castiel, sex is uh. Dean stammered on for a little bit before he cleared his throat and shook his head. His angel wanted answers. His angel was going to get them.

Cas looked at him, head tilted in expectancy, and he didn't hesitate to begin again with his explanation.

"What part do you want to know about?" He asked, voice calm, and somehow he managed to calm himself down. This is Cas, his Cas, and he can say anything infront of him.

"What I want to know about depends on the answer to another question." Cas said in monotone, "Have you ever been with another male?"

"Yes I have." Dean says, not waiting a second before his response. He's not nervousness anymore, not embarrassed to talk about this, "Bottom and top if you wanted to know."

"I see." Cas tilts his head, "so what does it feel like to, as you say, bottom?"

"Depends on your partner." Dean mused, "If you have a more dominant one, or if they're a team player or let you call the shots."

"And how about a dominant one. What is that like?" Cas eagerly asked.

"You could be pushed down onto the bed, just enough force so that you don't get hurt, but enough to realize what's coming."" Dean began, thinking back to his past experiences, "A thrill rushes through your body as your partner climbs on top of you, letting some of their weight rest on you, their lips trailing down your neck and jaw. Each press of their lips feels like electricity flowing through you, blooming flowers of pleasure across your body."

Cas's breath hitched, "And what next Dean? Please continue."

"Your clothing comes off and you feel exposed yet covered at the same time and it's the most wonderful feeling in the world. With each layer taken away you see the look of want and admiration on your partner's face. Even if it's a one night stand, you never miss the lust, the want, deep within their eyes," Dean continued, "kisses litter your chest and the noises that escape your mouths are just...I don't even know how to describe them Cas." Dean says wistfully.

"Could you demonstrate them for me?" Cas questioned.

"If that's what you wish." Dean said, and took a deep breath. He let out a quiet moan, not too loud as he didn't want to startle the angel into zapping away.

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