Chapter 5: Part 3

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Earlier that day

Robert had summoned a meeting with the new Prime Minister, as he wanted the Parliament to be aware of the changes that were coming. Although we had wanted the news of Robert's return to be contained but no secrets could really be kept in this palace. It had started slowly, with some speculations but Cyrus had blown his exit out of proportion and once he had been seen at his private residence, well that was when the media circus really started. Each and every single one of us was being hounded, of course the news of Robert coming back from the dead enough to send shockwaves throughout the world. It had even eclipsed the new set of DNA tests me and Liam had had done to prove that we were really King Simon's children. Robert was the only thing everyone talking about so there was no way the media was going to leave us alone anytime soon.

He met the Prime Minister alone, knowing her relationship with Mum. But when she left, Robert came out looking a little shaken. He had paled, his shoulders drooped and the vacant look in his eyes put both Mum and me on guard.

"Are you okay? What did she to you?" Mum hurried to him but he waved off any concern. He looked like his knees might give way any minute so he collapsed on the sofa.

"Robert you look like you're about to pass out so I would appreciate it if you told me what it was that happened in that room."

It took him a while to get his bearings. "We just talked about me addressing the Parliament soon. Apparently they're not amused with the circus that is our family. They don't like that it's taking attention away from more significant causes."

"Excuse me? They think the fact that you are alive, after having believed to be dead for more than a year to be insignificant? Tell me Robert, do you want me to sic the canon on her?"

He looked faintly amused, "No mother, we do not fire the canons in this day and age."

She shrugged, "It could work and she would deserve it."

I actually believed that she would just do it but then again, if she had the ability then Cyrus would be the first to be stood in front of a canon.

"Well, I told her that I'd assure them that there'd be no more drama from our side. Now I've just got to make sure I'm ready to address a bunch of geezers who seem to be so inconvenienced by the fact that I'm not dead." Robert said before walking off and Mum watched his retreating back, worry etched across her features.

"He'll be okay." I told her but I wasn't very reassured by myself.

"It's going to be difficult." I was surprised that she chose to share this with me. We hadn't had the best relationship of late and I knew it had to do with me hiding Robert's return from her.

"He's changed, we all have but the things that he's gone through? We can't even begin to imagine what he's lived through. Have you noticed the circles beneath his eyes? He clearly doesn't sleep and has nightmares if we're to believe his bodyguards. It'll take time for him to adjust and to get back to us, having to become the King of England on top of that won't make it easy. But if anyone can do it, I know it's Robert. We have to love and accept him for who he is now and help him find his way back."

I nodded and then was taken aback when she reached out and squeezed my hand.
"We'll do this together, as a family."

It was perhaps the first time that Mum wasn't putting her own agenda or interests first. Maybe better days were really there in our future.

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