Chapter 2: Part 3

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"You are not going to go see him." Jasper seemed mildly horrified as he ordered me.

Cute, he thought I would actually listen to him.

"Len you fainted back then, do you realize what I went through when I saw that?"

Whatever it was that he saw must have made the mother hen in him wake up because not only did he push James aside and carry me to my room himself but he's also not left since the past hour or so. Once the palace doctor had looked at me and I was advised to rest, he made sure I remembered to drink water and eat something. He also made sure that I wasn't too occupied with my phone. I had to tell him about the latest text because I needed to go to the tunnels that night.

I had to see this person.

"But I'm okay now aren't I?" I gestured towards my body and the narcissistic side of me was pleased that Jasper took his sweet time studying me. He wanted me and he couldn't deny that. It was what made him weak, he would give in to whatever it was that I asked of him.

"It's not safe, not until I know who's behind all of this. I told you, I'm trying to track down Boone."

"That could take entirely too long and I don't have time!"

Still on unsteady feet, I got out of bed and intended to head toward the door when Jasper blocked my path.

"Not so fast Princess. You brought me into this and it's my job to take care of you." His arms came around me and caged me in, his hand placed atop of mine on the door knob. His breath fanned my face as he dipped his head and nuzzled into my neck.

"I care about you. I want you to be safe. Please Len, just let me come with you."

I realized then he wasn't the only one with a weakness. I had one too and I hated it. I hated that he could feed me those lines and I would give into him.

But that was a battle I would fight another day. At that moment, I allowed myself to feel and I allowed him to comfort me.

"Fine but we do this my way. I talk to this person, I discuss what needs to be discussed. You will be nothing but wallpaper. You will agree to be my muscle and if you try and..."

"I'll do whatever it takes to make sure you're safe."

He sounded so resolute that arguing with him would be futile so I let it be. Instead I prepared myself for what awaited me in the tunnels. 

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