Love is all i need. Blood is all i want. - Louis Tomlinson

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I'm so excited. Today I'll meet my new roommate. People talk about him all the time. Saying what's in their minds. He might be an evil creature. A werewolf, or a vampire. Some even said he's a witch. So curious about what he might be.

Thinking about the new guy makes me feel weak and helpless a bit. I've never felt this way within 200 years. Yes, 200 years. I'm a vampire myself. Unbreakable. Unstoppable.

I belong to a different family. My family is nice and sweet, we only take peoples blood when they're willing to sacrifice their lives. We don't kill. We only take offers. Which, is totally something I adore.

For example, my best friend Katie isn't. Her family goes out at night and kill the innocent people. Walking home, all alone. Nobody across the streets to help.

Talking about Katie, she's my friend since we were 3 and 4 years old. She knows everything about me. And the other way around. Though, there is one thing Katie doesn't know about me. My ability to sneak into her mind.

Katie can see in the future. She got those visions. She also had one about the boy lately. His name is Louis. That's all she knows about him. Soon she'll find out more. Very soon!


I slowly walk to the door and open it. "Hello, I'm Louis!" The boy said while he shook my hand. "Hello, come on in. I'm Milou!" I said back to him as I let him pass.

This is going to be amazing! This guy, Louis, has the looks, the voice, the abs! He's going to be my roommate for 3 and a half years!

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