Chapter 1 - Pilot

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Hello and welcome to my new book "Like A Boy"


"Oh my gosh Darnell, why are you so horrible to me?!" I exclaimed shaking my head in disbelief

"Hey what are cousins for?" Darnell reckoned "Don't worry there will be plenty more like that when we come and pick you up"

I rolled my eyes in annoyance "If this is going to be how you treat me I might as well not bother moving to America"

"Oh come on Alex you've been dreaming of this moment since you were like eight and I doubt that you're going to change your plans a week before you move"

Touché "I just can't believe I have to go to school with the likes of you two"

"Oi! Alex we are going to have the time of our lives, trust me when I say the University's freshman's week is mad Cuz" Tyrell promised "And there's bare cool people out here you just need to avoid them quad-threats that think they own the world"

Quad-threats? "What are Quad-threats?"

"You'll find out all in good time, anyways I've got to go, it ain't cheap calling from abroad and you're wasting my minutes"

"I'm the one that called you!"

"Yeah whatever me and Darnell will fly over and be in England in a few days then we'll all go together yeah? Okay bye"

He hung up without waiting for my reply. The audacity he has.

I slipped my mobile back into my bag and continued walking through the park that led to my apartment.

I lived in Tottenham one of the most thought to be the "scariest" places to live in London. Most people think that as soon as you cross over into this part of the country


You'll get shot. There was also those stupid statistics like one in every four people you pass are either drug dealers, rapist, murders or thieves. I mean I'm not trying to say that is wasn't dangerous at all. A lot of people get killed in gang related crimes but come on, you risk your life every time you step out of your house whether you lived in the hood or in a nice little countryside cottage.

Plus living in Tottenham bought in a rough edge to my, I would say nice persona. In my opinion I was a nice person unless you got on my bad side.

You don't want to get on my bad side

Plus you've got to do a lot of digging to find it because other than that I was a fluffy bunny.


I quickly turned my head to see a fast roll of bikes coming my way and quickly jumped out of the way to avoid a painful and embarrassing collision. As the last biker rode past he spat on the floor, I avoided coming in contact with bacteria ridden gems by jumping away again and screwed my face in disgust . Let's put that as the second thing I hate.

The wannabe gangster generation also known as boys. It was completely unfair to say all guys were as clueless about common courtesy as the teens that had just past me but a majority of them were idiotic, rude, dirty minded, mini thugs whom I've had the displeasure of living alongside for eighteen years of my life.

I more or less stayed away from the opposite sex unless they were family like my dad, brother and cousins (which I had not choice but to live with) but they were cool and I loved them. Any guy out of that circle, not including Trey Songz who I have devoted my life to and will marry if we ever meet, were not my problem.

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