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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 16 Fighting

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(Scarlett's POV)

As I sat back letting myself recover from the large but wonderful meal Esra had so thoughtfully planned for me, Esra was struggling with something he wanted to ask me. I could see the uncomfortable shifting he was doing while sitting close to me.

"Ok, what's up? There is something you obviously want to ask me about but feel uncomfortable asking me, so just spit it out. It can't be that bad." I told him, trying to make him comfortable.

He was avoiding my eyes, looking everywhere but at me. "Um, well, I...I was just wondering what happened between you and your mom? I have picked up things from your mind that lead me to believe you aren't close, but tonight when you spoke to Zack you never even asked about her." He said tentatively like he was waiting for me to explode at his question.

"First, you have no reason to be nervous. If you have something you want to know, then just ask, I will tell you, whatever it may be. Just the same as you don't want to have secrets from me, I don't want to have any from you either. OK?" I told him, forcing him to look me in the eye so he understood I meant what I said. "When I was younger my father died in a tractor accident. It was horrible. Zack and I found him mangled and dead in the field. After that day, my mom and I have never been the same. My father and I were very close, my mom and I too, but not as close as he and I were, so when he passed she pulled away from me. It was like she resented me for something. She completely checked out, leaving Zach to care for me and the family farm and all it's business dealings. I felt like she shouldn't have abandon us that way. She just left everything for us to handle and we were both relatively young. it was like no one was grieving but her, or at least not allowed to. Our relationship has been strained at best since then. I don't think I will ever forgive her. I wish she would just go away and leave us to ourselves." Tears of anger welled in my eyes, threatening to run over, but I wouldn't let them. I had cried enough tears over her, and they never made a difference. We both worked our asses off for her and all she did was ignore us and drag us down, while still reaping the rewards of what my brother and I had turned the farm into. It was quickly becoming a large and profitable business. It was what had allowed me to buy my horse Rhett, and he took up much of my free time. Rhett kept me sane. My brother didn't get the connection between my horse and I, but I had spent a lot of time riding in my life, and when I had found him I couldn't help myself. He was the most beautiful horse I had ever seen. Zach thought of him as just another animal, but to me he was much more than that.

"OK, as much as I loved being able to speak to my brother, I really don't want to talk about it anymore. It just makes me miss him too much. I'm sorry, Esra. Can we just change the subject?" I asked him, tears filling my eyes again.

"Yes, and I am the one who should be sorry. There are other things I want to ask, and know about, but they can wait. Why don't you go ahead with whats running through your mind." He told me, smirking at me. I hated that he was reading my mind again, but since he was going to answer me, I went ahead.

"I thought vampires couldn't go out in the sun?" I said as I raised an eyebrow at him.

"Myth." he smirked back at me.

"What about silver and garlic?" I was now chuckling at the silliness of my questions.

"More myths" he laughed lightly with me.

"How about fire and wooden stakes?" I was full out laughing now as I asked.

"Honey, I am a vampire, not a marble statue. Yes, I could burn to death or die from a wooden stake to the heart just as you, but now that I think about it, I guess those are the only things that I wouldn't recover from. Happy now?" He asked me, pulling me closer to him and sliding me onto his lap.

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