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Ayyyeee we rewriting this bitchhhhh

Suburban High School AU:

Jimin and Tae are in their sophomore year so they're like sixteen?
Jungkook is a freshman (of course) so he's fifteen.
Joon and Hobi are Juniors so they're seventeen.
And then Jin and Yoongi are seniors so they're eighteen/nineteen idk.

Ships- Yoonmin, 2seok, Taekook, Jikook and Minjoon (maybe I dunno bout them last two)

I've added in BTS's siblings cause they're all real cute and I wanted to include them.


Just in case I don't make this known enough, I do not support the kind of behavior that I have the characters portray. I don't support molestation, I don't support bullying, self harm or eating disorders. I've been through my fair share of shit and my writing is always an outlet before anything else. Half the time I'm writing from experience and when in terms of heartache, self harm and body hatred I go on here because this is where I feel safe.
I do not stand for acts of molestation or other disgusting actions like rape because I don't believe in that.

Im writing to cope, express myself and just overall have stories and characters that you all can maybe relate to and connect with.
I write about this kinda thing simply for that reason: to connect and talk about topics that are still kinda shoved aside.

Sexual harassment, rape, depression, anxiety- none of that shit is a joke.
So this notice is me, hoping people who read are intelligent enough to know this shit is wrong- that sexualizing and romanticizing pain is wrong.

This is so that some of you might not feel small and lost and alone like I did with some of these situations. That there are people who will be there afterwards hopefully to help you through it; depression or anxiety and etc.

My story has nothing to do with how I think the boy's or other persons in the fic are nor does it show anything of these idol's character or morals in real life.

Stay safe and stay healthy, loves.

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