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It was mid November of his senior year, when the boy noticed the punk sitting next to him in his math class.

Dan continued to answer the worksheet his teacher had given the class. He was always a smart boy, and was fairly good with school work.

"Hey, pretty boy."

Blushing, Dan glanced up, making eye contact with the bright blue eyed boy. He was dressed in all black, with a leather jacket.


"Yes, you," he smirked.

"Oh um- yes?"

"Lets say, theoretically, I didn't know the answer to question 14. Did you happen to get it?" he questioned, tapping his pencil softly on his desk.

Dan sighed, hating when people asked him for answers. But he couldn't resist the smirk on the bright eyed boys face.

"Oh yes," the boy smiled "I got 46."

"Why thank you, theoretically. Obviously, I already got that same answer." The bright eyed boy let out a breathy laugh.

Dan laughed, too, enjoying the peaceful sound coming from the other boys mouth.

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