Chapter 1

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"Ash, I really don't want to go out tonight," I said, making a face at the outfit my best friend and roommate was pulling out for me.

Ashley sighed. "Kennedy Simmons, you are going out tonight and that's the end of it. You're only twenty-three and you were just promoted! Enjoy your youth while you can."

I rolled my eyes at Ashley's lecture. "Yes. I got promoted. That's the exact reason I need to stay home! I cover all of the NL now! I need to watch baseball, Ashley. What if something happens and I'm not home to blog about it?" I worked for Barstool Sports. Up until then, I had only covered the Chicago Cubs. A guy from Boston had done his team as well as the rest of the MLB, but it had gotten to be too much, so they divided it up and gave him the American League and myself the National League. I should have been home watching games.

Ashley sighed. "Please, Kennedy," she whimpered. "You never go out. I'm sure it'll be okay just this one time. Please?"

I let out a sigh to show Ashley just how irritated I was, but held my hand out for the outfit anyway. Ashley quickly pushed the clothing into my hands and practically shoved me into the bathroom to change, probably afraid that I would change my mind if she gave me enough time to think about it. 

Entering the bathroom, I slipped into the romper that she had given me. It was a black one that wrapped around and had a belt tie in the front. I paired it with a pair of nude, heeled sandals as well as the wishbone necklace that my parents had given me as a college graduation gift and a pair of studs that I thought looked cute. I slathered my lips in red lipstick and added shadows from my favorite YSL palette to my eyes.  When I stepped out of the bathroom dressed and ready, Ashley just about had a heart attack.

"Oh, Kennedy!" she gushed, "You just look so good! Why don't you go out more often?"

I rolled my eyes at her antics but grabbed my black Michael Kors purse off of my dresser. "Let's go," I grumbled. I was going to hold up the irritated front for at least a little bit more. Maybe she would feel bad and buy me a drink when we made it to the club.

Absolutely giddy, Ashley followed me out of our apartment and locked the door behind her. She had called an Uber while I was finishing my makeup, so it was already sitting outside the building for us when we made our way down. Ashley told the driver the name of the club she wanted to go to, but I didn't quite catch which one it was. I was positive that it was some new, fancy club, though. Those were her favorite kind and whenever we went out together those are the ones that she picked.

The club couldn't have been too far away, because we were there within ten minutes. Ashley paid the driver (I was probably going to have to pay when she was blackout drunk on the way back) and we climbed out of the car. The club seemed nice enough. There were no noticeable prostitutes hanging out on the curb, anyway.

The inside of the club was absolutely packed. The amount of people gathered on the dance floor was much larger than I had expected. I turned to Ashley to see the girl with a broad smile on her face.

"Oh, we're just going to have so much fun tonight!" Ashley exclaimed, grabbing me by the wrist and dragging me over to the bar, where we took the first two seats that we spotted. The bartender came over relatively quickly, and each of us ordered a beer.

I chatted with Ashley for a while, but tried not to get too into the conversation. When we go out, Ashley usually gains the attention of some guy pretty quickly and goes off to dance with him, leaving me to sit alone at the bar. I was about halfway through my beer when the guy of the night approached and asked Ashley to dance with him.

Ashley shot me a look that said she was halfway sorry and left with the guy. I rolled my eyes at her but opened my phone to scroll through Twitter and hopefully catch up on some of the baseball that I was missing. I was reading up on how Jose Bautisa's homerun put the Blue Jays in the lead when someone who most definitely was not Ashley took a seat next to me at the bar.

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