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The next week passed in a flash. I helped my parents fix the roof and I got back to work. John was sick so I had to run the store by myself. After the golden tickets had all been found, business had slowed down again. At the end of the week, the new shipments of Wonka candy and chocolates weren't selling. People were saying it didn't taste good.

"Serves Wonka right," I muttered. Tears welled up in my eyes and I had to duck behind the counter for a minute. When I came back up, a man with his face covered by a thick black scarf, and black top hat and glasses stood at the counter with a handful of Wonka bars. I would've thought that it was Willy if he hadn't been buying the bars. "You don't want to buy those," I said, hoping my eyes weren't too red. "I've heard that they don't taste very good anymore."

"Nonsense, probably just a faze," the man said in a scratchy voice. "Maybe he doesn't feel good." I shrugged and he paid for the chocolate. I watched the man leave the store and grab a newspaper before sitting at Charlie's shoe polishing station he had set up in front of the store. My shift ended and I put my coat and scarf on, the ones that I had worn to the factory and left at the entrance, which had both appeared on our doorstep the morning after, along with Charlie's hat and coat.

When I walked out, I saw Charlie polishing the man's shoes. I was about to look away, but then he threw his newspaper down and I saw him.

"You!" I snarled, stomping over to Willy. Charlie looked up at me as I stomped over to Willy who was cowering on his stool. I didn't know what I wanted to do to him, but strangling him was definitely a possibility. Charlie hopped up and stood between us, putting his hands in front of me so I couldn't reach Willy. I just pushed him out of the way however and grabbed Willy, who had stood up. I grabbed him by his coat collar and stared at him for five seconds, looking at his beautiful blue eyes, before I kissed him.

Willy seemed shocked, but when I let go of his collar and wrapped my arm around his neck, he grabbed my waist and pulled me against him. His long fingers gripped my hip bones, and I had one hand twisted in his soft hair, the other was gripping his collar again. He still smelled like chocolate and strawberries, and his lips were soft and warm. I finally pulled away and Willy giggled.

"I thought you were going to strangle me," he rasped, smirking. He sounded a little sick. There were dark circles under his eyes. I glared at him.

"I'm still considering it," I said. Charlie coughed awkwardly behind us.

"Mr. Wonka and I were just about to go visit his father, do you want to come?" Charlie asked.

"Please Hallie?" Willy asked, peeling my hand off of his collar. He held it in his, rubbing his thumb across my knuckles.

"Why not," I replied. Willy smiled, but I kept my poker face firmly planted. "But don't think this fixes everything." His smile fell a bit at the last part.

"Alright, well, lets go then!" Willy said. "And you know what? I've got transpo-"

Willy crashed into the glass elevator, crumpling into a pile of snow. He jumped back up right away, giggling as he pressed the button to open the door. "I've got to be more careful where I park this thing."

We followed him into the elevator and flew up into the air. A little while later we landed in a snowy field near a single apartment. Willy led us nervously towards the house and we climbed the steps.

"I think we've got the wrong house," Willy said. I pointed at a bronze plaque that read Dr. Wilbur Wonka, Dental Practitioner. Willy grimaced and Charlie rang the doorbell. A tall man answered. He was wearing a long, white coat and his hair was very white.

"Do you have an appointment?" Dr. Wonka asked, looking at the three of us. Willy looked even paler than usual and was fidgeting with his cane.

"No, but he's overdue," I said, smiling at the man. He nodded and let us in, showing us where to hang our coats. The house was very neat, and his dental instruments waited in the room opposite the living room.

"Just sit down here..." Dr. Wonka said, motioning for Willy to sit down on the dental chair. Willy looked tense but did as he was told, jumping a bit when Dr. Wonka laid the back down.

Charlie and I turned away while Dr. Wonka looked at Willy's teeth. The walls were covered in news paper clippings and pictures of a young boy. They were all about Willy. I felt bad for the old man, he had lost his son, and Willy hadn't even cared.

"Do you miss him?" I asked. Dr. Wonka looked up from Willy's teeth. I pointed at the picture of a young Willy and the man's face drooped.

"All the time," Dr. Wonka said sadly. He turned back to Willy, who looked quite guilty, and I smiled. Dr. Wonka would miss his little boy no longer.

"Heavens," Dr. Wonka muttered a few seconds later, "I haven't seen bicuspids like these since...since..." he pulled the instruments out of Willy's mouth, his hands shaking. "Willy?"

Willy sat up and smiled hesitantly at his father. Charlie hugged me excitedly and I smiled as I watched the reunion.

"Hi Dad," he said. Dr. Wonka smiled at Willy and shook his head.

"All these years, and you haven't flossed," Dr. Wonka said.

"Not once," Willy said, smiling. They hesitantly wrapped their arms around each other in an awkward hug.

We stayed at Dr. Wonka's for the rest of the afternoon. Willy was slowly getting along with his father, who was interested in hearing all about Willy's factory. When we left, Willy was already making plans to visit his father again. We walked back to the elevator and Willy flew us home. This time, he landed outside instead of crashing through the ceiling. We waited for Willy to open the doors, but he simply looked at us.

"Charlie," Willy said. Charlie looked up at the pale man. "I really want you to work in my factory. And if you agree, I'll let your family come too."

Charlie grinned, nodding his head, and I gasped. "Really?!" I exclaimed. Willy giggled and nodded, and I threw my arms around his neck, smiling happily. Willy put his hands on my waist and pulled me against him for the second time today.

"Hallie?" He whispered, his lips brushing against my ear. "Will you be my girlfriend?"

"Yes!" I shouted, leaning back from Willy. He grinned and I pressed my lips against his, placing my hands on each of his cheeks. I heard a ding as Charlie ran out of the elevator, making gagging sounds. I pulled away and Willy whined, trying to kiss me again.

"Willy, we need to talk to my family," I giggled, pressing my fingers against his lips. "We need to figure out how we're going to move everyone to your factory."

"If we have to," he groaned. I hit his shoulder lightly and he pushed me out of the elevator, and we went inside to tell my family the good news.

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