Chapter 3

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Ring! ..... Ring! .... Ring!!!

My head filled with my alarm pausing my dreams and forcing my brain awake.

I groaned as I reached over Liam to grab my phone that was blaring on the night stand.

Liam grumbled Beneath me as I answered in a groggy morning voice.


Hey it's fins!! How's it going.

I laughed to my slef. Well I'm doing fine! How are you!!? Long time no talk!!

Ill say!! She replied laughing I'm doing great!!

Awesome! How's the trip?!! I sat up resting my back against the head board.

The trip is fantastic!! We are just in the airport now!!

Oh are you? I thought you had two more days!? I asked confused.

No apparently there is this festival thing that Niall is going to and he invited Harry so we had to cut it short. She sighed

Oh I see well I'm so excited to see you!!! I squealed.

Me too!! We'll stop by when we get back!! She said and then I could hear Harry voice in the back

Yeah sounds good!! Looking forward to it! I smiled to myself as I heard Finna talking to Harry about putting his phone charger in her bag.

Well I better go me and Harry are getting breakfast!

Ok dear see you soon have fun!! I chimed

We will see you!!

I ended the call laughing at Liam who had his face scrunched against the pillow as light snores came from his mouth.

I moved my fingers through his hair I couldn't really fall back asleep so I just decided to get up early.

When I walked into the kitchen and looked outside. It was lightly snowing. The snowflakes flouted across the street lamps making them visible in the darkness.

I walked into the living room and switched on the lamp that was beside the couch laying down and covering myself with a blanket.

There was a window above the couch and I just laid there watching the snow fall until my eyes became heavy and I drifted to sleep.

Em... A voice whispered shaking me awake

I slowly opened my eyes to see Liam's smiling face. His hair was damp from the shower probably.

Hey I mumbled sitting up on the couch reaching for the blanket that was now on the ground.

I brought you tea. Liam smiled more placing the cup on the table in front of me.

Aww thanks I beamed giving him a kiss and taking a sip.

Harry and Finna are coming back early... I told him as he sat on the couch.

Oh yeah Harry texted... They should be here like any minute he laughed.

I swung my feet onto The floor nodding my head at him.

I looked like I was just in a hurricane when I got to the bathroom to look presentable. And before I could the door bell rang and I ran to it before Liam could open the door.

HEY!!! I screamed after opening the door! And hugging my friend.

How's it going!!? I asked inviting Finna and Harry in.

Pretty good! Harry answered smiling.

Good to hear!

Hey mate!! I heard Liam call as he joined us in the small entrance way.

He gave Harry a high five and then a brotherly hug.

How was the trip!!? Liam asked smiling at Harry then to Finna.

It was awesome! The weather was beautiful. Finna commented.

That sounds great!! I chimed.

Well take your coat off stay awhile Liam joked nudging Harry as we all made our way to the living room.

So did you hear about Niall and tianna?!! I asked sitting with Finna on the couch as Harry and Liam were caught up in their own conversation.

No what!!? Since when is it Niall and tianna??!!!

Ohh right!!! You were gone I joked acting dumb.

So they went out!!!? She asked

Yeah!!! And Niall asked her out again soon!!!! Isn't that great!!! I said Excitement clear in my voice.

Yeah that's awesome!!! Good for her!! Finna said laughing.

Yeah I feel like I'm more excited ... Then she is ... I laughed pausing

Soo?? What was with that thing on twitter about Sophia and Liam back together!!? She asked/ whispered.

Ohhh just a miss understanding.. I started out. There was jut this photo of Sophia and Eleanor walking somewhere the other day. So people think that her and Liam are dating again...... Because her and Eleanor are hanging out. I explained annoyed.

Ohhh I see..... Finna clued in nodding her head.

So this festival?... I asked

Oh yeah apparently a whack of cool bands are going to be there and ... Yeah I just want to rest to be honest... She sighed leaning her head back.

Oh yeah makes sense.

Speaking of relaxing... We should go Finna said turning to Harry.

He nodded and stood up.

Well see ya around I joked shooing her out.

Yeah yeah.. She laughed giving me a hug and laughing to her slef.

Later!! I called closing the door.

Wonderful people those two are I smiled to Liam after closing the front door.

Yeah! He answered walking into the kitchen.

So what's next?!! I asked following him.

Well I don't know?? He said looking out the frosted window.

Wanna paint with me!!!? I laughed thinking of this new project my teacher was talking about.

Liam laughed as he grabbed an orange from the fridge and began to peel it.

Come on it would be fun!! I beamed grabbing his hand

I set everything up and Liam was really unsure what to do...

Come on... I sighed handing gums a brush...

How about ... You just paint me... He said putting the paint brush on the desk.

Sure... Whatever you want I fake smiled ushering him to sit down.

It started out ok... But Liam just wouldn't stay still. So I finally had to tell him... That if he didn't want to be ugly he had to sit tight.. He just laughed at me as he made silly ridiculous faces.


So can you sell this on eBay!!!??? Liam joked holding the finished canvas in his hands.

I laughed a little replying no.

As I was putting everything away the door rang and Liam quickly went to go see who it was.

Hey!! I heard Tianna call and soon. Arrived in the living room.

Hi! I smiled back wiping down my paint tray.

So a festival!!? Hey I smiled while I sat with tianna in my kitchen.

Yeah isn't that so cute!!! She giggled

Yeah you will have an awesome time! I smiled back.

Well I hope so it's only our second date and I hope it's not to wired that we are going kind of out of town.

No no don't think of it as weird! Just think of it as a normal trip you would take with your husband or something! I replied but then thought to myslef.... That doesn't really make sense.

She just laughed at me causing me to apologize for weird advice.

So Harry is going to?? I asked

Yeah apparently some pretty cool bands will be there and stuff so!

Well cool!!! I wondered

Yeah Finna said she is just going to relax and have some time to herself. Tianna smiled turning to the window.

Yeah she stopped by this morning I sighed taking a deep breath and enjoying the beautiful sunny winter day.

Wanna go on a walk? I asked.

I hate winter. Tianna spoke through the crispy icy air.

Why?? I laughed

It's just to cold! She shivered as we walked down a snowy path.

Yeah but its beautiful!! I commented looking around at the wonderful scenery .

I agree. Kyla will love it when she comes!! Tianna beamed with excitement.

I'm So!! Excited for her and Josiah!! They are going to love it here..

I know!! I'm so stoked! It's been like almost a year since we saw her! Tianna commented

I know geez ! I scoffed


A couple days had passed since I saw tianna and the lads were going to be getting a little more busy around December so me and Liam were spending every spare minute together that we could without getting on each others nerves.

Niall and tianna had stopped by after the festival. Wow that was cool to say! I guess there are kinda a couple now!!

So how was it!!?? Liam asked

Oh!! The festival rocked!! Niall beamed!

Cool beans!! I smiled and tianna began to laugh at me.

We met up with these lads from one of the bands named Two Door Cinema Club...

Niall's voice echoed in my head after he said that name.

Where have I heard that??

They were brilliant!!! Tianna cheered

Yeah and they are going to be in London for a bit so the main singer gave me his number so I could give him a ring whenever I was going to a club or something!!

Alex? I think his name was. Tianna said

Yeah Alex! Niall corrected himself

Well that sounds great!!! I smiled brushing off the familiar name.


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