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"Omg im so happy your here" victoria said jessica jumped in and said "ummmm were are the guys" case turned around and pointed to 5 other guys be hind him the guys walked forward then kassy ran up to a tall emo guy named justice

Brianna ran to a red head named justin jessica ran to a short guy named brandon amber ran up to victorias big brother kevin and chalea ran up to a toght guy named ramond all the guys looked confused we all turned to see them victoria said "oh yea guys these are our boyfreinds meet justice ,justin ,brandon ,kevin ,ramond ,and my biyfreind chase arent they so adoribel"

(Louis Pov)

When I heard victoria say her boyfreind I was so jelous I dont know why I was feeling that way if I was dateing cristal I have never felt this way befor I was wierd but I was happy to see cristal I havent seen her since we had to go diffrent directions we have been daeting for 2 years and ive never loved any one but her until I meet victoria it was like nothing could brake us apart not even her doyfreind or my girl freind

(No ones pov)

As victoria and case walked outside every one folowed kassy then said "well now that you guys found what you were looking for were gunna get going" louis said stoping them "wait just because we already found what we were looking for dosent mean we all cant still help you" "yea we can all go together" said zayn "umm thats going to be a problem the guys n' I have to go to  another job I know I said we finished the job so we can hang but this job's only 2 days long" then the guys girlfreinds steped in and said "yea and we have to go to the councel to clear something but you guys can go ahead"

(Victorias pov)

when cristal said for the guys to come whith us alone I felt SOOO happy that means me and louis can spend more time together I thought then case gave my shirt a littel tug and said "are you ok?" Yea ofcorse y wouldint I be" I said I totally lied why did I lie I never lie to case I was so shoked

(No ones pov)

As the guys and girls left we were alone again.

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