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Little feet steping faster in excitement.

Green what she thought it will be.

Trees smile, blue of the sky say 'Hi'.

With a wind, from step to dash.


She opens the door of house with a lot of windows.

A lights spead till the tiniest corner of the house.

Destiny of her runaway from life,

'the house with a lot of windows'.


She sees crimson florals,

on the white ceramic floor. 

It makes her smile of happiness.

Positive energy makes her happy,

negative energy makes her positive.


She feels the floor and lay on it.

The light from outside hit her eyes.

Her bronze iris sparkling like a fireflies.

The sunshine of zenith makes her smile,

a lot brighter.


She glimpses out her beloved one,

from the barely opened window.

She brought back the beauty of being happy

to that beloved person.

But that beloved one brought back her happiness first.




*My first writing on wattpad, english isnt my mother language though.

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