a real hero

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i am adam and iam 18 years old boy school always sucked for me

,you know... it's so hard to deal with shit like that people , teachers ,

problems , but what keeping me strong is that girl when i look at her she

give me a hope in life i dont know why,,,, but i love her so much i asked

my grandpa how to make girls like you? he said :just be her superhero

you will always stay in her heart

i thought about what he said it is right but how i can help her or be her


my best friend jack made a party he is poor (just like me )and street boy

but he is the sweetest black boy i've ever met , he helped me alot , and

he put me in problems too, so i went to his party for sure i did not know

who is going there too, i was hoping to find (alii) the girl i liked there

it was fantastic party , i had so much fun , but alii was not there sadly

that is not a bid deal whatever i knew it she won't be there so whatever

i went back home its was almost 4am so i ran so fast to the door i

knocked the door it was locked what a bad luck i kept on trying then

my little brother (josh) woke my father up , i heared my father yelling

so loudly, i was so scared, he opened the door and pushed me , and

started yelling at me and saying bullshit about me , my mum came and

starting telling him to stop i went to my room i cried my eyes out

everytime i have little bit fun something shit should happened in the

same time , i called jack and told him what happened he said :

parents are like that forever , so you should dont care about really

nothing will stop them and they know what they are doing (i guess)

i opened twitter and start scrolling scrolling and retweeting following

and stuff, then i heard my dad saying : enough is enough with this

emo pysco kid i dont want him in this house anymore today is his

last night in here i was so scared and shoked i did not believe that

why, what i have done to them , i called jack again and told him what i

heard he was shoked too but he tried to hide it really!!

he told me : if he kicked out of the house you can stay with me i live alone

i am 18 , dont worry its safe trust me! i thought about it he is cool and

awesome guy i trust me him alot it would be so much better without

parents and rules and this shit

next day i woke up i saw my bags are packed and my room is empty

i saw my mum crying her eyes out , i told her : what is wrong mum she

said: bye,,,,,... hunny we will miss you so much . then she hugged me so

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