Chapter 6

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***Bella's POV***

''I'm going to let you guys have the cure.'' I said, balling the list and tossing it in the trash.

They all looked as if they were going to cry.

Emmett, being Emmett, picked me up off the ground, and spun me around and kissed me.

''I'm going to call Stephan, Silver, and Ivy, and tell them,'' Skylar said excusing himself.

''I found out from Karen how muck blood to take. And it's not much,'' I said.

They nodded.

''Okay, so let's get this over with.'' I said heading for the kitchen.

I took a container that held the exact right amount of blood.

I took a knife and cut my hand open. Ouch.

I squeezed the exact amount into the containers.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7 I counted plus three more for Ivy, Silver, and Stephan.

Carlisle handed me a glass of orange juice, it's supposed to help with the blood loss.

They all just looked at the blood.

''Guys, really it's only a teeny tiny amount.'' I said in a baby voice.

As if rehearsed, they all took it at the exact same time.

And passed out in sync as well.


''Wake up, Sleepy Head,'' I laughed as I drew circles into Emmett's chest.

He groaned and rolled over.

''How do you feel,'' I whispered.

He sat up, completely refreshed.

''Never better,'' he said as he kissed me.

''C'mon, let's go wake up the rest of the family,'' I smiled.

Once they were all up and refreshed, Silver, Ivy, and Stephan arrived.

Once they were knocked out, we dragged them to the guest room.

Three hours later, they we're also awake.

''How do you guys feel?'' I asked them.

''Amazing. Thank you dear,'' Silver came up and hugged me.

I smiled and walked into my bedroom, and checked my cell phone, 81 missed calls. Wow.

''Management, management, management, Harry, Harry...''

I called management back and told them that we could still continue the tour, and that I was sorry about disappearing like that.

Harry. I didn't know what I was going to do about him.

The familiar sound of my ringtone went off, and I looked to see the caller I.D and it was management and they said they wanted to talk to me.

I walked out of the house, keys in hand.

''Hey guys, I'm just going to head out, be back soon,'' I waved and they waved back.


''No, no, and NO!'' I screamed at my management.

''Bella, it's fake, you know, just for he publicity,'' Arianna, my manger, tried to reason.

''No! I have a boyfriend!'' I exclaimed.

''Well too bad! Your under contract and we can sue, so I suggest you do what we say!'' She yelled.

''Please, please, please, don't make me do this,'' I whispered.

''You are, and it's final, do go get dressed, your going to the park in an hour,'' Arianna rushes me out the door.

I walked out the door, and sat on the couch in the lobby.



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