Chapter 5

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Louis watched as Eleanor slowly pulled the door open, as she stepped out and turned to him. Her smile wide and so full of strength, that Louis just couldn’t stop himself from returning it and feeling her strength seeping into his system. Leaning forward he twisted their hands together.

They often held hands a lot, never for anything but for the sheer comfort that came from the action. Smiling softly he felt El pull on his hand making him walk down the hall to the lift and slowly stopping to stand outside it. Closing his eyes slowly Louis stood almost motionless, just breathing trying to stop himself from running back to their room and locking himself away. The pressure round his hand slowly increased, soft and calming. His smile seemed to brighten, to anyone else it would look like he was happy to be spending time with his girlfriend, but really he was smiling because she was going to do all she could to help him win Harry back.

A loud ding rang through the hall and Louis slowly opened his eyes, watching as the doors slid open. Expecting the lift to be empty he slowly walked in but was assaulted by the sudden burst of overpowering perfume. Wrinkling his nose slightly he looked at the two girls standing in the lift, both shaking with excitement and were wearing clothes that were styled in a very similar way to the other occupant of the lift.

Smirking slightly he turned to Eleanor, who looked more scared of these two girls than she did the first time she had walked in on him and Harry having sex. He watched as the girls whispered between themselves and pointing at his and Eleanors joined hands. One of the girls turned to him and smiled, moving so she was coming closer and closer to him. He smiled or at least tried to, watching as she reached a hand out. He easily assumed that she wanted a hug or to simply touch him, this had sadly become a regular occurrence and he had become painfully used to it by now. But instead the girl jabbed him in the chest.

Frowning slightly at the girl and looking briefly at El, he opened his mouth to speak but didn’t get the chance to as the girl started to speak at him.

“You know we are really happy that you ditched Harry.” She said, her voice sickly sweet, “Because it means you can spend more time with your girlfriend.” She looks back at her friend who is nodding frantically, “Because no one likes a gay boy and Eleanor is the best you could ever get.” She smiles widely, showing off perfect teeth and then turning to Eleanor.

Louis grips Eleanors hand tighter, this was the first time they had met such a fan of Eleanor. He could feel her small frame pressing into his side, she hated the people that seemed to idolise her. They scared her so badly.

“Just so you know.” The girl continued, “I will love you even if you and Louis don’t last. You are just so perfect.” She said her eyes wide and full of adoration, “So can I get a picture with just you?” her head tipping to the side.

Eleanor licked her lips and nodded slowly. Her hand slipping from Louis and moving so she was standing with the girl as her friend to several pictures on her mobile. Once the girl was satisfied she moved away and started squealing.

Holding Eleanor close Louis hoped the lift would get to the bottom floor as quickly as possible. For some odd reason his prayers were answered and the doors opened, with him and Eleanor bolting from it. Running and tripping over their own feet just to escape. He could feel the cold wind hit him in the face and could hear the clicking of cameras and the shouts, but just kept running.

Soon he stopped when he felt El tugging on his hand and shouting at him. Once he stopped he watched as Eleanor huffed about her ruined hair and the fact she was sweating through her clothes and stupidly burst out laughing.

“They were scary.” Eleanor whispered, once she had finished hitting Louis over the head.

Nodding slowly Louis looked round and realising he had no clue where he had dragged them too. Walked to the side of the street, his hand still clasped in Eleanors slightly sweaty palm, started to wave around trying to get a taxi.

But that’s when he saw them. Giggling and huddling close to each other.

He turned away, but just not fast enough and could hear a voice shouting on him. He didn’t know what he was doing but he was running, leaving Eleanor all by herself in the middle of New York. He couldn’t stop. No matter how tired his legs got how tight his chest was. All he could see was Harrys happy smiling face and how he was making Taylor laugh. They used to be like that and now he was alone.

Suddenly he just stopped. His legs finally giving out and making him collapse in the middle of a street. Tears covering his face and people looking down at him, sneering and complaining about a stupid boy sitting in the way. Slowly pushing himself back Louis heard someone, notice who he was but he couldn’t bring himself to care. Watching as camera flashed and people shouted questions, he just sat and cried. Letting out everything, but still being eerily silent.

Blinking slowly, he pulled his body up and leaned against the wall. His legs were still shaking and he could barely walk, but he forced himself to. Stumbling, wobbling and groaning as he legs burned in protest. He could hear murmurs of, “Is he drunk?”, “Did he get attacked?” and the worst, “Eleanor probably dumped his faggot ass.” This one killed him.

Looking forward with bleary eyes he some how got into a taxi and called out the name of his hotel. He needed to get back and crawl into his bed and think of something that wasn’t Harrys beautiful face and how he used to look at him like he was the sun.

Leaning his head against the window, he felt the coolness on his skin and sighed. Smiling slightly he thought of the times he had caught Harry staring at him. In interviews, when they were performing and his favourites when they were in bed and trying to fall asleep.

When Harry would lean up on his elbow and stare down at Louis, running his fingers across his cheek. Making Louis feel like he was the luckiest guy on Earth. Then follow the tracing of his fingers, with soft presses of his lips and finally ending up on Louis mouth simply kissing him. The simplest brush of lips and fingers holding his head like he was made of fine china. Then watching as he pulled away and smiled, sleep evidently trying to pull him under and the deepness of his voice whispering, “I love you Louis. Always.” Then watching as Harry would lay down and pull him over to rest his head on his chest, feeling as his breaths evened out and they fell into a dreamless sleep.

Louis could feel the tears running down his cheeks and a bitter smile covering his lips. Blinking rapidly he heard the guy tell him how much it cost and that they were here, throwing a handful of notes at the man he stepped out of the taxi.

Lights started flashing and questions were thrown every which way at him. Choking on his tears he slowly pushed his way into the hotel lobby and heard one voice ring out. One that had hit the head of the nail, “He looks heart broken.”

Clenching his eyes shut he wandered to the lift and walked in, he was going to need a drink. 

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