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Melissa's P.O.V

I'm about a couple blocks away from the school and I hear my name is someone's

conversation. It was Jessy. 'What does she want with me now.' I thought. She

wants Abby to ruin my plains. 'Great now I have to kill a bitch.' I thought

clenching my fist. I park my motorcycle in the woods and ran with my speed to

them. I stand behind her and I spoke when she spoke.

"You, just can't control yourself can you." I said with my hands forming into a


Jessy lifted a eyebrow. I felt my eyes change blood red and smiled. "Your

messing up my planes Jessy and I'm afraid your gonna have to get out the

picture." I said using my super speed. I grabbed Jessy and ran toward the back

of the school.

"What are going to do to me" she said between sods.

"Shut up" I growled.

She stayed quiet. I crouched down to her level and looked in her eyes.

"You will not scream" I said and she repeated what I said.

"I will not scream." I smiled and moved her hair out of her neck. I felt my

fangs extend. I bite her neck and drank. I finished and as I was about to leave

I heard her heart beat. I turned in shock. "What are you" she said. I walk up to

her and crouch to her level. "Your worst nightmare" I said before snapping her

neck. I walk back to Abby. She gave me look and looked at Jessica. I nodded my

head and look at Jessica. She stepped back and turned around to run, but I

stepped in front of her. "We could do this the hard way or the easy way." I


"Go to hell!" She screamed

"Been there, and back" I said.

I looked in her eyes and said "you killed Jessy."

"I killed Jessy." She repeated

"You never saw us here" I said

"I never saw you here."

I looked away and got up. I looked at Abby and Katherine. I run towards the

woods and find my motorcycle. I got home and walk up to my room. I notice my

window is open and in a flash two hybrids are in front of me.

"Katy? Ana? What are you two doing here?" I asked looking at them.

"We came back for a better life, like you." Ana said stepping closer.

"Why? Did Clyde let you go or did you run." I asked sitting on my bed.

"He let us go." Katy said sitting next to me.

"Well, you guys could go to my school and than start over." I said removing my


"Sounds good." They both say.

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