"Tpro!" I yelled. He moaned in response. At least he was alive.

"Finish them." Herobrine commanded the Endermen.

I ran to my sword and picked it up. The first Enderman tried to grab me, but I cut its body in half. Five more teleported beside me. I stabbed one then swiftly spun around and cut the next one's legs off. The other three advanced. I charged at one slicing my sword through it's abdomen. I threw my sword right to another's face.

One more to go.

I stood in a fighting position. The only weapons I had were my fists.

The Enderman advanced. As I was about to attack I felt pain in my side. The monster had struck first.

It was more painful than I thought. I lost my balance and fell to my knee. The Enderman towered over me, ready to finish this battle. I closed my eyes, waiting for the fatal blow.

Suddenly, I heard a thud. I opened my eyes.

The Enderman was laying on the ground dead. An arrow straight through its head. I looked up and there was a man with purple hair and white and purple clothes. He held a bow in his hand. He grabbed my hand and lifted me up.

"Thanks I said." I told the stranger.

"No problem, but we still need to save your friend." He replied.

I looked back where Tpro was and somehow he managed to get to his feet, grab my sword I threw, and fend off the Endermen for a while, but he looked hurt.

"Follow me, he said climbing up a tree." the stranger said confidently.

"But we need to save him! How is this going to help?!" I asked.

"Trust me. I know what I'm doing." He answered already on the top of the tree.

I followed him, only because he saved my life and looked so calm. As I reached the top of the tree I saw Tpro surrounded. It didn't look good.

"Take this." The stranger said, handing me a bucket of water. While keeping one for himself.

"Why do we need this? To drink? I mean how...." Then it clicked. I totally forgot. Endermen's weakness was water! I gripped the bucket knowing what he was going to do.

"Three...Two...One!" He counted down.

We both jumped down holding the buckets of water. We landed right next to Tpro.

I spilled the bucket in front of the Endermen, the stranger did the same.

The next thing I knew, the Endermen began screeching and teleporting away.

Herobrine was also gone.

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