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He watches with a fire flickering in the glow of his soul's deadly night, the way her pure and innocent light is shed bare. Kylo Ren knew that it was dangerous to be this close in her own home – but he couldn't wait until tomorrow night, he had to see her now.

It was bound to be treacherous to sneak into her apartment in the dawning of another day, but he assumed that she was going to be softly asleep at a time like this and he had a craft at lock-picking which was too skilful to not use – Kylo truely and whole-heartedly, hadn't expected her to be awake, let alone, in the shower.

His lips went pale as he crept into her room to be met with only the dim light of her ensuite, illuminating and reflecting out and beyond to him.

Kylo watched her with careful eyes as he crept up to the doorway with silent feet, the water is slightly chilly when she first turns on the faucet of the shower-head but he watches the way she tests it with the back of her hand as the heat mystifies around her in eloping tendrils of steam.

Luckily, the sound of the shower running and the fan embedded into the roof is loud enough to stop her from hearing the gasp that falls from those pale lips of his, after she had lit three candles, to which combined with the warmth of the shower, the large mirror above them, begins to fog – but that wasn't what captured him so sprung... it was when she began to remove her silk robe, slowly and sensually, as if she was obliviously putting on a show for his uninvited eyes.

She traces her fingers along the shiny collarbone of her's as the rest of the robe falls off her shoulders and cascades down to her bare feet, leaving the rest of her marvellous body, naked as she begins to play music from the rattling speakers of her phone which sat on the vanity.

Oh – how he would love to be the one to scrape his nails along her soft flesh and watch the goosebumps form beneath his touch as he does so.

He wants to hear her shudder at his hands will, he wants to run his fingers down her spine and to her legs, igniting the flame within her core only to then satisfy her roaring desire.

His eyes feel slightly heavy as he focuses on her move into the shower. Her body is something to be made from marble stone, a figure of shapely mounds and curves which Kylo thinks should belong in a museum.

He inhales a deep breath of the steam-filled air and curls around the edge of her ensuite doorway, to get a better look at the way her eyes flutter closed beneath the spray of water, her hair darkening beneath the droplets which only then fall onto her breasts and then to the delicate rose she had between her sinful legs.

With the help of the candles she had burnt, it's so erotic to watch the pale orange glow, dance with the shadows of her shape and his own, which stays hidden from her closed eyes. His legs begin to tremble and he curls his grip around the edge of the door, his fingers meeting the milky air which only boiled his blood with something much more prominent than hunger.

No matter how hard Kylo tries, he can't force his eyes away from her most intimate area – though, it really didn't matter to him, he had never been the one to respect personal space nor privacy. He gulps the lump in his throat down, to which it only sinks into the bubbling pit of his stomach.

The warmth there must be ten times that of the water itself, and he can sickly imagine himself as that drop of water, being turned into steam in one sheer, intense moment of absolute pleasure upon reaching the folds of her as she detaches the head of the shower and nears it to her core.

It doesn't take long for his belt to become undone and his zipper to swipe open as he gapes to the show of her letting out an audible whimper as she directs the jet of the water to her sweetest promise of desire. The world stands still whilst he grabs onto his own cursing passion which only builds and throbs for all of her as she glows with a tenderness and almost numbing feeling while the water presses inward.

Her sensitivity makes her jump a little bit, her toes curling upon the tiling floor which no longer takes all the hit from the spray, but instead the soft petaling of the water which streams down her jittering legs.

The blood immediately rushes right to his length when her moan bounces upon every shiny surface and wall, to which he stifles his own as he runs his hand along himself in a rush. It's painful to try and stay quiet in the midst of her battle-cries, which he swears are for only him.

Is she thinking about him? Just the way he thinks about her, every-time he pleasures himself?

Kylo wants to scream out, he wants to run into the shower and force her to her knees before him. He wants to run his large hands through her wet hair and keep her lips locked tight around him as he watches the way the remaining water-droplets fall down the plush skin of her enticing breasts.

She sets a different place, her knees obviously becoming weak as she arches her head back and holds onto the debatable shower-head with her other hand whilst the cramped fingers of her previous holding, move to her neck and twine around it – 'holy shit,' Kylo mouths.

When her breath quickens and her moans rasp up her throat with intrusion, his body begins to get that tingling feeling as the climax greedily steals every ounce of blood from the rest of his my evil body. Relentlessly, Kylo's muscles tighten for the pending explosion as he keeps his pace quick around his length.

All at once, he feels like his insides have been torched and is only waiting for the final second where he will combust and explode. Writhing and twisting. Heat wave after wave. Concussions of painful longing, energy, and pure ecstasy flow with a rush of adrenaline through him and as she climaxes around the head of the shower, a thrilling scream erupting in the small space of her misty bathroom, he can't fight the groan he lets slip as he unloads his own seed into his hand.

He stiffens immediately at his own sound and watches the way she furrows her brows to herself, wondering if she had truly heard something from behind the hazy feeling in her head and the scarlet of her cheeks.

She shuts the shower off with a forceful twist and steps out with curiosity overriding the raunchy tang of arousal in her veins.

His beloved doesn't bother to dry herself off but instead, she is quick to slip her silk gown back on – to which it sticks to her body magically as she steps out into her bedroom to assess her isolation.

The room is no different to it ever was and as she simply brushes off the sound he had made for her own imagination, the water trickles down her legs and pools at her feet.

Kylo Ren holds onto his breath, his groin throbbing against the hardwood floor as he furrows his brows to the music in the background and then to the phone in-front of him – it made no sense for his beautiful woman to have two of the same phones, but he brushed it off as he grinned to himself and the pair of perfect feet by his head.

His heartbeat is loud in his own ears and though he isn't a man of religion, Kylo can't help but to pray that she cannot hear it too – but she can't. His precious and remarkable, darling-victim, has no idea of the monster beneath her bed.

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