Chapter 7.2: Party Favors [MATURE]

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Collin yanked her thong down and slid his middle finger slowly inside her sopping wet pussy.

Soft moans escaped Lizzy's throat, muffled only by Collin's mouth over hers, his tongue still vigorously plundering her mouth. His hand on her breast started to squeeze and rub, while his other hand was busy between her thighs. He twisted his finger inside her, and pressed against the familiar spot on her inner wall. She bucked against his hand, whimpering in satisfaction. He stroked the spot again. And again. His left hand began rubbing her nipple over the silk of her robe in rhythm with his fingers fucking her.

He broke off the kiss just as her orgasm exploded in a blinding heat. Her hips jerked hard against his stomach as a cry tore out her throat. "Oh God!" she gasped. "Fuck Collin ... fuck."

Without breaking his rhythm, he pushed another finger inside.

"Oh yes! Oh fuck!" she cried out. She pushed her knees farther apart, spreading her thighs wide for him, letting him stroke her to the end of her orgasm.

When Lizzy finished, she leaned back and tried to catch her breath. Collin drew his arms around her waist. "How was that?" His erection pressed against her back, hard and ready and impossible to ignore.

"Perfect," she said, smiling. "I think I lost all feeling in my legs." She turned around, kneeling, and pushed him down to lie on his back.

He helped her pull his jeans off. She rubbed his swollen cock over the fabric of his boxers playfully. "There you are," she said.

"I think he wants to come out and play," he said, grinning.

"Does he now?" She pulled his boxers down to his ankles. He kicked them off. She moved on top of him to straddle his thighs. "Let's play, then."

Without taking her eyes off him, she slid her robe off her shoulders and tossed it aside. She undid the hook of her bra between her breasts and shrugged it off. Naked, she let him grab her waist to position her on top of his eager erection.

She impaled herself on his cock slowly, taking him inch by delicious inch. She bit her lip to keep from screaming in pleasure as he entered her.

"Oh, Liz," Collin moaned. "That's good... oh yeah..."

She moved up and down his length slowly, tightening her inner muscles around his cock. She closed her eyes as she rocked her hips. His hands gripped her waist, urging her to go faster, harder. Ignoring his silent urging, she continued her unhurried pace, relishing every inch of him. Christ, his dick had to be the biggest she had ever fucked. So beautifully large and hard.

"Oh God Liz ... please," he begged.

She smiled and took his hands, moving them upward to cup her breasts. He squeezed them softly and rubbed his palm over her nipples. "Good boy," she whispered.


"I tell you, Charlie. She's the most beautiful woman I've ever met," Asher said. "I think this magazine may be the best investment I've ever made." He took a bite of risotto, enjoying the flavors of the dish Al Porto Italia was best known for. He washed it down with a drink of wine.

"Jade Yu is dating Henry Dorset, if I remember correctly," Charlie pointed out as she cut into her steak.

They were having a late dinner in the corner of an elegant Italian restaurant. Despite the late hour, the place was full. Except for a boisterous group of Wall Street types, the rest of the tables seemed to be occupied by couples.

"Who's that?" Of course he didn't expect Jade to be single. He just never bothered with that little detail. Husbands, however, were another matter. As far as he knew, his magazine's editor-in-chief was unmarried. That was good enough for him.

"Henry Dorset, the film director. He makes those boring movies about real people..."

"You mean documentaries."

"Yeah, those."

"Do they make any money?"

"No. But he's loaded — inherited quite a bit of money from his grandparents. I don't think it bothers him that people don't watch his films."

"I don't think Dorset will be a problem."

"Giving up?" She flashed him a grin before taking a drink of wine.

"Oh no. I mean I can get him out of the picture quite easily."

"You always do, don't you?" She shook her head.

"I'll need your help."

"And why would I help you break up that lovely couple?"

"One, they're not that lovely. I mean, I don't know what this Dorset fellow looks like, but he sounds unattractive."

She laughed. "Go on."

"Two, because you're my best friend."

"No I'm not."

"You most definitely are."

"Asher, you tried to sleep with my last girlfriend."

"I did that for you."


"I wanted to make sure Selena Boyd was going to be completely faithful to you. And she was." He raised his wine glass to her, grinning. "You're welcome, by the way."

"You're the worst best friend ever."

"So you'll do it? Great." Without waiting for her to reply, he added, "I need you to give Jade an invitation to your masquerade ball."

"Impossible. The guest list is full."

"It's just one more guest, Charlie. We can kick out the Van Drunens. I don't even know why you're having anyone over forty in your party."

"I'm not kicking anyone out. Especially not Abe and his wife. He's my cousin."

"Your house is huge, Charlie. Cirque du Soleil can do an entire show in your living room. What's one more guest?"

She leaned forward, her arms resting on the table. "You realize I'll have to let her bring a plus one, right? That plus one will most likely be her boyfriend?"

"Absolutely." He smiled. "Not a problem."

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