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            The cannibal sat with one leg crossing over the other, smirking, looking at the desk in front of him.

            “What is it you'd like to tell me?” the young doctor asks getting up coming to set next to the cannibal.

            “I've been teaching myself some new things.” he finishes still smiling.

            The doctor cocks his eye brow. “And what is that?” he questions, while writing some notes down.

            “With my cravings, you know for human flesh. I mean.” He says in monotone.

          The doctor writes this down. “How do you teach yourself this? And what do you do?” He questions, still taking down notes.

            “My obsessions, with hobbies and cutting.” he said in a matter-of-fact tone. “Well I cut the skin only so it bleeds long enough for me to stay amused long enough; which is usually about five minutes, at the least. Hmm, at least it’s better than going out and “killing” some poor sap.” he finally finishes.

            The doctor thinks about this and decides to agree with the cannibal. “I suppose that is better than killing, but that is still wrong. Anyways tell me about your hobbies you've picked up.” he asks.

            “Painting.” the cannibal replies, uninterested in this topic.

            “Do you like this hobby?”

            “Not particularly, but I'm obsessed with wanting to paint.” the flesh eater replies simply.

            The doctor was struck with an idea, hoping it interested the cannibal, maybe even help with his cutting problem. “Would you like help with stopping your cutting?”

            “Kind of...” He thought about it for a minute. “Actually... Yes. I would. How do YOU think I could?” asks the “man eater.”

            The psychologist was hoping he would say something like that or he wouldn't be able to do what he wanted to try on the flesh eater.

            “Well, I'd like to try something with you.”

            The cannibal cocked his eye brow and asked, “And what would that be?” he was just a tad concerned.

            “Stand up then I'll tell you.” the doctor nodded reassuring him that it be OK.

            The cannibal pulled out of the chair and was on his feet in seconds. “Okay, what are you planning, sir?” he was becoming nervous.

            “Hmm, I was hoping I could just show you?” the doctor asks.

            His patient just nods his head.

            “All right, whatever you do don't bite.” he finishes, clears his throat, leans forward and presses his lips to the man in front of him. He pulls away.

            “Maybe that's something you'd like to do other than cutting yourself.” says the doctor.

            “Only if it’s with you, whenever I do it.” he said in monotone. Obviously he thought that was way better plan then his old one.

            “That sounds fantastic.” the doctor smirks suggestively.

            “How much time do we have before your next appointment?” the cannibal asked in a suggestive tone.

            “In five minutes.” replies the psychologist.

            The two men grabbed each other and began kissing one another...

            “I’ve wanted to do that for a long time now.” Both men said at the same time.

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