The Transporter

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"You do know you're gunna have to talk about the issue some day? Well maybe sooner then later." Ely says while he types away fiercely on his computer.

I look around his room examining his tools. What the hell is this? I never saw a tool with 6 holes in one. I picked it up and started shaking it.


He turns around from his chair. "Not issue but you know the whole 'I just found out I'm adopted and I've been avoiding the conversation ever since' -
Before he could finish speaking he yanks the tool out of my hands.
"Hey, no touching the merchandise. I just bought this. And I ain't gunna let you break it like you broke those." He points at the box of clutter near the corner of the room.

I grab his chair and sit on it. "I don't know. Talking about all this with them kinda makes me sick to the stomach."

"Can't hide from the topic of discussion forever." He leans on his computer table and stares at me with that annoying concerning look on his face.

I let out a breath and click on a program folder on his PC. "What's this?"

"Well that's something I've been meaning to discuss with you about." He smiles and gestures me to follow him.

I raised one eyebrow before I finally got up and followed him to his attic upstairs.

"Close your eyes until I tell you to open them!" He tells me waiting for me to do as I was told.

I closed my eyes. Playing along with what ever have him so excited. "I hope this is about that thing I asked you to build. Remember? The instant clothes changer."

"Du rah!"

I opened my eyes and feel satisfied of what I see. "What took you so long." I giggled and move closer to the machine he build.

"Woah! Hold up this isn't your 'magical closet'"

I frown at him

"Serena, you're lazy and secondly this is a transporter!" Fully excited now he points at the machine with his jazz fingers.

I smiled at him. "Well look at you. You just graduated from being a nerd to a genius. I'm so proud of you." I placed my hand on my chest showing some emotion jokily.

"Yeah okay" he rolls his eyes and hands me a folder of papers.

"What's this for?"

"Oh that's step by step on how I created this transporter. And it also states my hypothesis on how this will affect my test monkey AkA you" smiling at me evilly now.

"Test monkey? Since when?"

"All those tools you broke made me testing this out for me would be a perfect 'let's forget this ever happened' kinda favor."

"Awesome" I lamely smile at him.

I step much closer to the machine now. Eyeing it up and down. I just have this weird feeling about this. I hope he knows what he's doing.

I mean he should know what he's doing because he is sending his only best friend to only God know where! Ely is a skilled science expert. I on the other hand very much suck on that subject.
Ely has been experimenting since the age of 12. His first invention was the "Snore Inhaler". Yeah I know it does sound pretty weird. Ely invented that in order to prevent his father from snoring so loudly. Before me, his father was very happy to test out his inventions for him. Which never work out because instead of decreasing the snores; it decrease the oxygen intake. Due to that accident, his father had purple lips for a couple of hours.
Ely never gave up though. His goal is to create something that comes out perfect.

"Ready?" Ely slaps on a pair of goggles.

"Shouldn't I be the one wearing those?" I asked nervously

He smiles "Nah, don't need them. You're going to be inside the machine so the beam of the light isn't going to hit your eyes."

I swallowed hard. Rethinking this whole thing. As much as this looks bad; I can't say no to Ely. Ever since he lost his father. He hasn't been himself. The only thing that gives him a little happiness is his inventions.

I step inside the transporter; wishing I had time to use the bathroom.

"Quick question...can you transport me to the bathroom?" I asked trying to cheer myself up.

Ely grins at me. "I was going to send you to my room. But bathroom is good too. I don't want to send you too far or you'll break my transporter."

I squint my eyes at him trying to comprehend what he just said. "You are not serious. Be careful you don't break me!"

He then grabs a mini size box control and push the red button in the middle. The side glass door closes right in front of me. I take a deep few breathes. I feel like I'm running out of air inside here. I forgot to mentioned that I think I'm claustrophobic. I place my both hands on the glass door. The machine starts shaking. I think I'm going to be sick. Lights flickering rapidly until finally a huge beam of light comes out.

"Ely!" It keeps moving. It's shaking. I feel like I'm moving without actually doing anything.

"Ely! I'm getting dizzy!" My head is about to explode.


"What the fuck was that?!"


After that horrifying experience. The machine stop moving. Smoke comes out of every freaking hole in here. Those holes must be there for oxygen to go through. *cough* *cough*
Great now my asthma is acting up. I cough several more until I pull myself up from the machine floor. I didn't realized I was holding on for my life.
I push the door open. *cough*
This isn't cool at all. As I swap my hand left to right to diminish the amount of smoke around me I noticed something strange. Is insanely hot now. Like 102 degrees hot.
I step away from the machine and the smoke. Seeing clearly more now. I'm not in the bathroom. I'm pretty sure you don't find sand in bathrooms. Did Ely send me to the beach? Hey I honestly don't mind. Lol. I need a vacation after what he just put me through.
There's sand a every where. Like every freaking where. No ocean or lake in sight. Okay Serena. Don't freak out. Maybe if I just walk further up I'll see something or someone.

-1 hour later-

Oh my God. If I walk any further I might die. I'm sweating like crazy. Where the hell am I. I look around once more before my legs gave up. I fall on my knees. Trying to hold my waist and up by my palms. I can't...hold...much..lo-
To tired and hot to finish my eyes closed.

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