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THE PAIN in her head made tears leak from the corners of her eyes. She was on her knees, her body wracked with shivers from the pain of her bleeding wounds. A dark chuckle made her stare up at the man she hated with a vengeance.

Or was it loved?

There's a fine line between hate and love, one that she constantly crossed concerning him.

"You betrayed me, Charlotte. You betrayed my brother and I will kill you." His snarl made her flinch as another shiver wracked through her broken body.

"He was killing Hippogriff's, selling them like they were pieces of meat with no emotions or feelings. He needed to go to Azkaban." She snarled back, spitting blood down at his shoes.

The shoe came up to kick her but with a small burst of energy, she flung her hand out and cast a desperate spell. His body flung back into the air, twisting in the air with a roar of pain echoing from him. His big body landed on a heap on the forest floor, his limbs twisted on the roots. He groaned and lifted himself up from the roots. He limped towards her as she scooted backwards, dragging her broken leg. 

Her back ached, blood gushing from her wound, leaving a streak as she moved away from Rainir. The wind was howling around them, lifting her long hair and obscuring him from her vision. She could hear his heavy breathing, as her back hit a tree. She moaned in pain, the gash on her back flaring with more pain.

"You need to die. I can't believe I ever let you in my life, din kælling!"

Her body lifted as he shouted, his spell making her throat start closing and choking her. She lifted her hands to try and stop the invisible force but knew that it was useless. Her hair finally swept off of her face with a change in the wind. She stared down at the man who was going to kill her, his ice blue eyes full of rage. Her eyes fluttered close, as she accepted her fate.

Blue, cobalt eyes flashed in her mind. Copper hair glinting in the sun, freckles on a straight nose and broad shoulders that always made her feel safe. His smile was warm and only meant for her, his slightly full lips stretched over his white teeth. A warmth spread through her body, as she recalled the feel of those lips on hers.

With all of the energy she had left, she tried to shout. She was still choking, her legs now kicking in anger and desperation. Using her mind, a dark spell Rainir had talked about before, flitted through her mind.


She was aiming for his wand hand. He roared as his hand split from his body and she fell on top of him. He was convulsing under her, their blood combining. She rolled off him and grabbed his wand. He was reaching for it but was in too much pain to get to it.

She sent multiple red flares up, snapped his wand and collapsed down on her knees, his blood soaking her. He was moaning and she stared at him, tears gushing down her face. She felt numb as she waited for help. His eyes fluttered closed, his skin deathly pale and this made her snap out of her reverie. She cast a healing spell on him, hoping it would bring more colour back into his skin. Slowly the skin knitted together around his wrist, his hand lying next to his body. She leaned over him, caressing his face.

"I'm so sorry Rainir, so sorry. I never meant to hurt you." She sobbed, collapsing ontop of him.

This was how they were found by the help party, led by Absalon. He ran into the clearing, shouts echoing around him. He came to a still as he stared at the gore in front of him. Blood was everywhere, the two soaked. He wanted to heave when he saw the hand lying next to Rainir and he finally vomited when he saw the unnatural angle Charlotte's leg was lying at. He didn't know what happened between the two but from what he knew of the situation, this was mostly Rainir's doing.

He lifted Charlotte, using his wand as she sobbed. He couldn't touch her, for fear of hurting her back and her leg. She had wounds everywhere but these two were the worst. With a gentle croon, he walked with her to the staff hut, as she sobbed.

About the man she used to love.

The man she had betrayed for the greater good.

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