...Another flashback.... thest things always leave me drained and avoir soif.... that's "thirsty" in french. Slowly, I sit up in the rigid carseat and look out the window. My black "original cult" jacket contorting to my body silently. I look out the window as we pass many rocks and trees.

"Oh you're finally awake?", the woman next to me says.

"Yeah...", I say looking at the petite Korean woman, studing her tan freakled features and pulled back black-brown hair.

"Where are we mother?", I ask, shifting my gaze towards the road

"Still in Maryland, sweetie. We'll be in West Virginia soon"


     I pull out my phone and look at the sceen. It said three new messages. One from Sarah, another from Christine, and another from Legato.

-I miss you so much, sis! It'g gonna be boring without you!! -Sarah

-I'll miss you. Even though I think you've been touched by the devil. I'm not your sister. -Christine

-Come back!!! Kitty!!! Come back!!!  -Legato

    Silently, I smile at Legato's nickname for me. For me, he was puppy. My complete opposite... Maybe that's why I fell for him. Even though it feels wrong.... Like I'm cheating on my husband, the Archangel Gabriel...hmmm Gabriel... my husband. The thought that there was supposed to be another, pops into my head from time to time... Then I'll catch a memory or two of the dim features of another angel.... Then I black out.

     Maybe I should introduce myself. I am the Death Goddess Marie Lilith, not only that, I'm an angel. Okay, I know what you're thinking. Why am I in a teenagers' body? Why do you not sound like a regular angel? How old are you? Isn't there only one god?... sigh.... difficult.... I don't know how old I am and I'm not a regular angel. I'm considered a fake angel because I was made by an angel. Who? I know not. Death Goddess is a title and since I, apparently, was the first born of the fake angels then I get the title. The fake angels are in charge of death. And well I'm in the teen's body beacause it is my own and I was born into it. Maybe I should point you to the introduction. Yes, that is how I got here but you still don't know why.... sigh...

     After God had made the world and managed it, he said the angels could fall in love amongst themselves. But that was as long as we put God first. Angels married, had children and lived like humans, but only in heaven. I was married to Gabriel and we had seven beautiful children. Within a few years, there were many angelic children in heaven. They showed more power and potential then a regular angel. Yes, good for heaven right? Could tip the ever going war between Heaven and Hell? Wrong. God saw it as and upper hand for Hell. The children were so innocent. They couldn't tell right from wrong. If Hell were to get the children and mold their consiousness, they would have and unstoppable, perfect army.

     So God took the children and put them all in one place, with the intent to destroy them. My children were there and as I, being a mother, put them first. The angels were ordered to stand down and let watch as they died. As God sent his fiery upon them, I stepped in between Him and the children and sent our souls to Earth. The "spell" drained us of our power, so we were sent to the wombs of the pregnant to be "their" children. To be born again. So that doesn't explain how we get from there to present day?....difficult.... After the current human body dies, we go back to Heaven to perform our Hevenly duties like we did in our human bodies. We wait until we are reincarnated or born again and depending on how much power we have, we may remember if we are angels are not.

     Anyway, for this life, I've always lived in Salisbury. I've always been Aria Cunningham for the past fifteen years in this world. My "sisters", Sarah Io and Christine Opal, are like me but I've only told them they were gifted humans. That alone was enough for Sarah to label me crazy. Christine took it a step further and labeled me a devil worshipper. I should have told her that she would never get back into Heaven with that attitude.