See You Tonight?

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               You watched as the first years marched towards the front of the great hall, waiting to be sorted. You tried your best to stay focused, but your mind kept wandering. Your table suddenly erupted into a fit of cheers, startling you out of your daze. You looked up from the table to find a black haired boy strutting towards you, followed closely by a platinum blonde with steel gray eyes. You smirked. Matthew Middlebrook and Draco Malfoy. Matt plopped down next to you with Draco next to him. You sighed, staring at your annoying little brother and his best friend. Matt turned to you.
               "I told you (Y/N)! I told you I'd be in Slytherin. Even Malfoy called that! I can't believe you thought I'd be in Hufflepuff!" You smirked at your brother's stupidity.
               "You little prat! It was a joke! How thick are you?" His mouth fell open slightly but he quickly shook his head and smirked. After he turned around you began to let yourself drift back into your own little world. It was short lived after the Gryffindor table broke into applause. The Slytherin's scoffed. Across the room you heard Fred and George shouting.
"We got Potter! We got Potter!" You looked up just in time to see a young boy with jet black hair and round rimmed glasses running towards the Gryffindor table. You were astonished. Potter? As in Harry Potter?
Before you could ask your brother, you noticed a certain Hufflepuff, trying desperately to get you attention. He was waving his arms widely in the air, which caused many people to stare. You mentally face-palmed. When you finally met his gaze and he regained his composure. You shot him a disapproving glare but all he did was mouth a single word. Paper.
You were baffled for a minute, before you remembered. The small piece of parchment seemed to be burning a hole in your pocket. You waited until the feast began and no one was paying attention, to slip the piece of paper out. You scanned his delicate handwriting and smiled. Hey Gorgeous! Meet me at the astronomy tower tonight! 11:30 PM.
It always made you smile when he complimented you. To you it felt as if he was flirting, but you knew he was just being his normal self. It didn't mean anything. But nonetheless, your stomach did summersaults as you tried to catch his eye. He glanced up and you nodded. Before he could respond your brother snapped his fingers in front of your face, angrily. You turned to look at him. "What?!" You growled.
"Were you even listening?!" He snapped. You sneered but shook your head. He scowled. "I asked why you were staring at those Hufflepuffs." That caught you off guard. You quickly racked your brain for an excuse.
"Are you kidding me! I was looking at Hufflepuff's newest recruits. They look even more pathetic than usual." Matt and Draco cackled as to confirm they agreed with you.
The rest of dinner you stayed relatively quiet. Laughing and scoffing at all the right times. No one suspected your thoughts were miles away, distracting you from the world around you. You sighed and prepared to leave.
When you were finally dismissed you were the first one out the door. Before you could reach the dungeons, someone grabbed your wrist and pulled you into a secluded hallway. You were about to scream but the person slapped a hand over your mouth. You felt their chest moving up and down against your back. Just as you were about to bite your captor's hand, they bent down and quietly whispered into your ear, "See you tonight."
               You whirled around to see nothing but darkness. You smirked and continued your trek back down to the dungeons. Only Cedric would take that approach.

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