Chapter 15 (part one)

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And also a little note at the end as usual. Happy reading x

I stare at my reflection in the mirror. Everything is perfect except for a little tuff of hair sticking up from the side of my head. And it’s pissing me off. With a glance at the clock, I note that there isn’t enough time to wash my hair again. I contemplate patting it down with a bit of gel, but that would just make it look weird. Grabbing a few bobby pins, I twirl my bangs around and pin it to the side of my head. I don’t really like having my bangs out of my face, but it definitely looks better than having a cow-lick.

With a final once-over in the mirror, I grab my bag and head downstairs. As soon as I step out of my bedroom, the doorbell rings. He’s exactly on time.

I hop down the stairs, thankful that neither my parents nor my sister are home. I don’t even want to think about the interrogation I would get if they found a guy standing outside the door waiting to pick me up. Especially since Elizabeth already lectured me about having boys in the house and blah, blah, blah. It’s an awkward moment I would never want to suffer.

I quickly pull open the door and turn around the grab the keys. When I turn back around, I stand face to face with Jace. Dressed nicely. Formally. With a bunch of roses in his hand. My eyes wander over his outfit, from his light grey button-up shirt down to his black, ironed dress pants and shined leather shoes and back up to his face. Then I look down my outfit of a nice plaid shirt, jeans, and flats.

He smirks. “Nice outfit.”

I blink and arch my eyebrow. “You’re wearing that to the movies?”

Jace runs a hand through his hair and I have to stop myself from eyeing the way his shirt clings to his arms. “Yeah, change of plans.”

I wait for him to elaborate further. He doesn’t. “So…should I change?” I ask.

“I think it’d be a pretty good idea.”

Plucking the roses out of his hand, I place them on the chair beside the door. I throw him a look over my shoulder as I make my way back up the stairs. When I reach the landing halfway in between, I see him still standing outside the door.

“You can come in, you know. And close the door behind you,” I tell him.

He steps over the doorstep and shuts the door gently behind him. “Your sister’s not going to come at me with a knife, is she?”

“She’s not home,” I laugh.

Just before I shut my bedroom door, I hear him breath out a sigh of relief.


After ten minutes and practically turning my room upside down, I finally find a dress that I like. I run my hands over the midnight-blue material and double-check myself in the mirror. It’s a little off-shoulder dress that ends a few inches above my knee. I wore it once at my cousin’s bridal shower and haven’t touched it since. The best part is I can wear the high heels that I wore to Octoberfest.

Deciding that there’s nothing drastic I can change about my casual hair, I pull it over to one side and comb it through with my fingers. I put on a subtle silver necklace and nod my head in approval. Before heading back downstairs, I go to my sister’s room and grab her silver bag to match my shoes.

Jace is leaning against the door when I start down the stairs. The clicking of my heels grabs his attention and his eyes widen as I walk towards him. When I reach the last step, he pushes himself off the wall. His gaze trails down my form and back up and before it reaches my eyes, he looks away.