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Pen Your Pride

Hush, Howl {18}


The ride to our destination was fast. Being alone on a car with Darren seemed really fun since he got that sense of humor. He makes me laugh effortlessly.

         After tuning up the music, ‘Super Bass by Nicki Minaj’ began playing and he rendered me speechless when he began rapping along, drumming his fingers on the steering wheel. He was bobbing his head up and down while sparing me glances. His actions make me smile, and it seemed to me like he was trying really hard to make this night memorable.

         Even before I know it, Darren and Daniel were pulling off in front of a garden. Looking out of the window and scrutinizing my surroundings, I cannot help but allow a gasp to escape my lips.

         We weren’t going to the movie! Zoe was right!

         I opened the door of the car and hopped out, hearing my heels click against the cemented sidewalk. Trotting forwards, the cement was no longer supporting my feet; instead, I was now walking on a ground with a wide patch of freshly cut grasses. The sound of grasses rustling under my feet broke the eerie silence and the hum of the crickets all around.

         I found myself staring at the portion of the garden whereby two reclining chairs made out of woven rattan sitting near each other and another round-shaped chair placed opposite of them are. There was a picnic mat laid on the ground with a flat basket of comfy towels resting inside it. You can see the whole place being lighten up either by the modern bonfire placed on the center or the lanterns and lamps placed all around.

         The spot was absolutely scenic.

         There are bushes of different kinds of flowers growing all around. But what caught my eye was the oak tree decorated with Christmas lights and those lanterns. The moonbeams were penetrating through the clouds, shining above the sky,

         Spinning around, I was more surprised to see Darren sauntering towards me with his hands behind his back. Once he was just right in front of me, he took out his hand from behind him to reveal a bouquet of assorted flowers—mainly composing yellow tulips, white lilies, and roses. The flowers were arranged perfectly inside the wrapper.

         I can feel my jaws slowly dropping open. My heart was thrumming inside my chest erratically—I wouldn’t be surprised if he could hear it. My palms were turning slick and sweaty with anxiety. Did he and Daniel do this . . . for us? This is one of the most romantic ideas that I could ever think of.

         “So . . . um . . . I didn’t really know what kind of flowers you want so I—“ I cut him off by crushing him into a bear hug, a great sense of gratitude. Pulling away, I found myself blushing under his gaze as a smirk curved its way onto his lips. He handed me the flowers and I took them inside my hands with no hesitance just to show him my appreciation. He offered me his arm and I accepted it willingly.

         We trudged forwards as he began to speak. “I was going to open the door for you. But you opened it yourself. “He chuckled, making the blood rush to my cheeks. He looked down at me. “I hope we didn’t exaggerate . . . do you like it?” He threw a hopeful gaze down at me. I nodded him my answer, looking up to meet his eyes to express my sincerity. “Great!” he exclaimed. “So let’s get started.”

         I have him a questioning look while he led me across the garden and made me sit down on the picnic mat. Taking off my shoes and placing them just beside the mat, I complied within his actions and settled down.

         Rosy and Daniel came after. I watched them as they conversed and Daniel finally gave her the surprise bunch of flowers. Rosy was practically squealing when she made her way towards me, her tomato face painted with a smile. She sat down on the mat beside me and glanced at the flowers that I absentmindedly placed on my lap. Hers was different, composed of many other flowers with roses like mine.

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