Chapter 1

She was laying on her bed, the top of her body upright against her headboard, hot steaming tears running down her face, her hands trembling by her sides, feeling too weak to even try and wipe the never ending waterworks. She could feel the after effects already, the excruciating pain as her body adapted to the changes, her bones breaking and healing, her skin shedding layer after layer almost like a snake, her mouth blistering due to dehydration, but she knew that no form of liquid on this planet can quench this thirst, her hair grew inches after inches pulling at her scalp and stretching her hair follicles as they became thicker, her breasts developed at an inhumane speed, leaving her nipples throbbing and looking erect. Sometimes she prayed and begged for the numbness to come... It never did. Her clothes were once again ripped to shreds, her dress brutally torn showing off the peaks of her sore breasts. Her ragged breathing was much more agonising now and everything was becoming too much to bare as every second slowly ticked by.

It shouldn't bother her a much as it did, she never remembers what happened to her the day after. She didn't remember any other times, there was never any scars or bruises to remind her. The process was agonizing, but it was the after effects that were the hardest. The tormenting ache and the sense of emptiness. The confusion of how days pass by, yet you don't remember anything. She hated the stares people gave her, the whispers she could hear so acutely, the rumours that would start about her, she hated everything.

A/N hi guys!!! So this is just a tester chapter for a story I'm currently working on. Please comment if the starting paragraphs make you want to read on. I would really appreciate it and I promise if U like the starting my novel will blow you away!! Thank you!!

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