Chapter 45

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Disappointed eyes stared at her as she sat facing her father and her aunt. It was going to be a long day. She could feel it in her bones.

Mimi convinced her that sooner or later she had to come clean. Talk to them about her pregnancy and move on from there.

When she arrived, she had the comforting support of her cousin to ground it out, rip off the band aid. But, as she began to speak that comforting feeling vanished and was replaced with dread.

She tried for ways to break such a shocking news. All sorts of ideas popped into her head ranging from the absurd to the most logical.

Dad i'm pregnant and the father of my child is a 770 yr old Warlord.....

Dad I was tossed back into the past fell inlove with a Medieval Earl and now i'm pregnant....

Dad I dated a guy for a while we hit it off I got pregnant now he is no longer in my life.......

"Daddy, i'm pregnant."

Deflated and with nothing else to say she sat there for what it felt like an eternity of staring and giving her this heartbreaking look of disappointment that she wanted to cry.

"Pregnant?" he shook his head and slowly stood then began to pace.

She sat nervously waiting for him to speak.

"Daddy?" she swallowed at the lump forming in her throat.

His back was turned to her. Wearily her aunt stood and went to him but stopped as he raised his hand.

She looked down and backed away. She walked slowly towards her and insisted that Mimi go with her to the kitchen.

Now it was just her, her father and an eerie silence.

"Who is he?" his voice broke the silence.

She lowered her head.

He turned to face her.

She slowly looked up to him. How could she explain this to him? He would never believe her. 

"Who is he Tara?" he demanded again.

She shook her head. Overwhelmed with his question.

He pressed on.

"Why do you want to know?" she shook her head.

His incredulous look froze her in her place. The look of fury in his gaze only added to the impact.

"So I can crucify that son of a bitch," he blurted out under heated breath.

She gasped.

"I want a name. Now." he insisted enraged and beginning to pace again.

"Daddy, I can't" she trembled.

Her words angered him begond reason and an argument began that soon had Mimi and her mother trying to calm them.

She was in tears by the time he finished his tirade. Anguished and hurt he demanded the name again.

Her heart thumped heavily in her chest. The heartache and pain barreled down on her of having to mention the father of her child she will never see again broke her.

She couldn't take it. It was her breaking point and her father would witness this sufforing first hand as she blurted it out.

"I can't give you his name because you will never be able to find him. He is gone. The love of my life is gone and all I have to show for it and remember him is my baby. I....miss him so" her heartwrenching cry was too much to bare as she held her chest and trembled before him.

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