Cries ~ 3

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"Where was the body lying, miss?" The first cop, black and bald, asked.

"Right here," Mia showed the exact place she was lying.

"And the baby?" The second cop, who looked very handsome with his clean shave and perfect hair, asked.

"Was in the nursery," she replied.

He walked to the nursery, brushing past an animated Thomas who sang for Rae.

Mia couldn't help but smile at her husband turning into a father figure, in spite of all the traumas playing in her mind.

The first cop leaned down and examined the spot where the body had lied. It was so clear and pristine.

"Did you clean this place, miss?"

"No, I didn't. I passed out when I saw it and when I woke up it wasn't there and there wasn't a single spic. I don't know where the woman went or how the spot was cleaned. I... don't know..."

"Mia, calm down honey. Officer, Mia clearly doesn't know what happened after she passed out," Thomas said, much to Mia's surprise and happiness. It had literally been years since Thomas supported her emotionally and mentally.

All it took was an accident then, Mia thought and chuckled inwardly.


They heard a sound from the nursery. Mia, Thomas and the cop ran towards the source of the sound and when they reached the nursery, their eyeballs almost dropped off.

The second cop was lying down, covered so much in blood, from head to toe, and he was writhing like a vibrated machine.

"Holy shit!" The first cop said and ran outside to report this unusual activity to the department.

Mia and Thomas along with a sobbing Rae watched as the life got sucked out of the cop. They watched him in agitation as he slowly closed his eyes, letting go of his final struggling breath.

Nothing was heard other than the soft but firm and hard breaths of the couple and Rae's wails. Until the cop jerked and opened his eyes.

Mia let out a shriek as history repeated itself. The cop raised his hand towards Rae and whispered her name.

Thomas bent down to check the cop's body and the cop touched Rae's head. Thomas cradled her in a position that kept her away from the cop.

"I love you, Rae..." the cop uttered, in a bare whisper, and he let go of his breath once again, this time forever.

The clock struck 2 pm. In a gap of a millisecond, the windows of the nursery shattered in pieces. Mia and Thomas took huge steps back and ended up against the wall.

Both were gasping and panting.

"This... this is exactly what happened... 10 o'clock... Tom, I'm scared..." Mia whispered, shaking in anticipation.

"Shh... Calm down, honey. I'm right here..."

Tom guided Mia out of the nursery. Mia was perplexed and horrified to her core. She had never even watched a pain instigating scene in a movie. She'd always close her eyes and shut her senses out, keeping in care her extremely sensitive heart. But her virginal heart was now shattered beyond the hope of redemption with the witnessing of two cold blooded murders.

Thomas, on the other hand, was still trying to be the kid who hasn't cognized the bright attractive object as hot hurting fire. He was still trying to interpret the logic hidden behind the cold blooded murders of two people.

Both of them, busy in redeeming themselves from their thoughts, didn't notice the four month old's sly smile. For an infant, Rae was smiling way too much and way too frequent. For an infant, that is.

Mia snapped out of her thoughts and quickly motioned for Rae. It seemed to her that Rae was the only sane thing she could hold on to right now. Her motherly nature told her that holding Rae would make her feel better. And Thomas couldn't deny. Rae seemed to be their ray of sunshine. And right then, his horrified wife needed that ray a little more.

He slowly placed Rae in her arms and just when he was done, a quick sound startled them both.

Mia held Rae so close to her that she was almost suffocating her, but the baby was comfortable with that. Her breathing hitched and her heartbeat re-began the roller coaster of fear. Thomas and Mia could hear the sound clearly.

It was the sound of Beep - beep - beep. A pause. Beep - beep - beep. A pause.

"That sounds like the officer's phone," Mia said. Thomas' eyes quickly met Mia's as they connected the puzzle together. They both turned their heads towards the front door. The source of the sound came from there.

They both said no more and just dashed to the front door. Thomas, thinking there might be some danger lurking behind the door, signaled Mia to remain silent and hide there as he went outside. Mia nodded, not trusting her voice at all.

Thomas slowly turned the knob of the door and pushed it softly. The door made a sound along with the hardwood floor.


The mid - noon hot wind breezed through the porch and Mia and Thomas looked down onto the floor, fearing the worst.

But there laid something very unexpected. The officer's phone, which was being meddled by a black cat.

Mia and Tom let go of their deep breaths and sighed. "It's a cat! Look, precious, it's just a cat!" Mia cooed, and pointed the cat to a wailing Rae.

The cat, probably more panicked than the two humans standing tall against it, meowed in fear and ran across them. Two pairs of eyes followed the cat's path.

And there it was. The worst that they feared.

The cat jumped above the body of the first cop. He lay still, just like the two other corpses. His neck was covered in blood, like he was stabbed in the neck.

His eyes were wide open and fixed on the wailing child. "Rae... Don't..." and he was dead before he could finish what he started.

Mia took giant steps back and muttered, "No! No! NO!"

Thomas held her shoulders and steadied her and comforted her, "Shh... It's okay, Mia. Calm down... I'm here. I'm right here, baby..."

But Mia was in a different world, a world which was painted with the blood of mysteriously murdered people, who she didn't know but haunted her mind like revengeful trespassers.

Thomas was way past panicking now. He was given the confirmation that all of these were indeed not normal. They were very paranormal, after all.

"What do we do now?" Thomas asked in a whisper.

Mia was calculating something in the meanwhile. Corpse - check; unknown person - check; re - opened their eyes - check; identified Rae - check; clock struck - check; windows break - check; body goes missing - un-check...

She rushed to the nursery, with a confused Thomas running behind her.

When she peeked inside, she swore.

There was not a single inch of evidence of a murder inside the nursery. It was crystal clear. No body. No blood. No mess.

"Shit!" Thomas said, taking in all of what was happening around him.

Suddenly, a gong struck inside his head. He dashed back to the porch, only to see some cat whiskers and sheer emptiness. He had guessed it right. But for the first time in forever, he was scared that he was right.


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