02- daddy

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*stars and italics*= actions; ex. if the person read the message

(917)-3**-2087: good morning

me: so your name is Justin?

justin: so now you decide to answer me?

me: shut up, ill stop texting you

justin: ok ok jeez

justin: so what's ur name?

me: im not giving you my name

justin: whyyyyyy

me: because, for all I know you could be a 50 year old man

justin: well im not, im 21 years old, and sexy af

me: well I don't kno that so I still think you're 50 and ugly :)

justin: how old are you

me: 19

justin: awe ur a wittle baby

me: obviously to u, cuz ur 50

justin: im not 50 :(

me: yeah ok.

justin: tell me ur name pleeeaase

me: it's jenna

justin: really?

me: nope

justin: cmon please

me: just call me jenna it's not gonna make a difference, you don't know me

justin: fine

justin: i changed ur contact name

babygirl: to jenna?

justin: no, to babygirl

babygirl: wtf why, i didn't tell you that, creep

justin: because i can

babygirl: fine then ill change your name to 50 yr old perv

justin: why? im not a perv or 50

babygirl: bc my name isn't babygirl

justin: and it's not jenna either

babygirl: touché

justin: what is my contact name on urs?

babygirl: it's justin

justin: no, change it to daddy

babygirl: uhhhh...gotta blast

justin: no don't leave again smh

babygirl: *read 12:16 pm*

hello people!¡

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anyways, I'm going to update "Disturbed" soon so yep

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