CH 2: Threat

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Onimikeler: Meet the Crissons

Chapter Two: Threat


It was around Nine at night when the three found themselves driving through the hilly town where the reunion house was located. Onity was watching the world go by him, knowing this was the place they would be staying for the next week or two. Tyler gave Mike the last of the directions to the house, only by now he didn't need the written directions anymore. Tyler remember his way from the fact that he'd been here so much in the past.

The town was large, but more spread out, and the roads seemed lonely at night. There were a few cars, but most of the time it seemed the only ones out were them. The ground all around them had a thin layer of snow, one of which would thicken within the next few days. The roads were icy, and Mike worried about the dangers of his inexperience driving on ice, but Tyler helped him through. There were some tight, curvy roads with trees blocking the turns and there were roads that went on around what seemed like mountains, giving them amazing views.

Onity took note of the many playgrounds and parks and tourist areas they had passed by. He saw frozen over lakes and he saw camping areas and he saw lots of forest. He saw small houses in little communities and he saw big houses in communities and there were also houses of every size put in places were they looked all alone. The night sky was beautiful, and there were more stars visible then back home. The place was so different then where they had driven from.

This was the town that Tyler had visited every year until he was about 17 years old. He's spent every Christmas until then in this place. Tyler knew quite a few of the locals and he could map out some of the paths within the forests too. Coming back after three years and seeing everything again felt nice, Tyler had to admit. He didn't think about the town as a place he cared about, but he didn't think about the town a lot in general. Now that he was here again, Tyler missed it. This was a place he was glad he came back to.

"You see that store up there?" Tyler said, pointing at an old shop on the side of a hill.

The store was painted white with a brown roof, and it was covered in signs. It had a steep driveway and a small parking lot, and it was covered in snow that shined with the street light next to it. Mike took a glance at it, noticing some of the signs said candy in all capital letters.

"Once, when I was nine and Rose was twelve, we stole candy from that store." Tyler continued. "There used to be a small market behind it, and while grandma and mom shopped there, we got to look around the candy shop. It had an owner that was friend with my grandpa before he died, and he would give us candy sometimes. One day, he wasn't there, and his rude, mean step daughter was. She yelled at us so we snuck back in through the back and took candy from the barrels."

Tyler turned in his seat with a sigh. "Thinking back about it, at the time we thought we were getting back at her for being mean, but we were really stealing from the man's supply. I wonder if he still runs it."

"Candy stores always look so magical, but then I remember I can't have any of it." Onity huffed.

"Oh, that's right. I'll need to remind mom about your relationship with sugar. We always have lots of desserts for Christmas." Tyler replied. "Mom loves you, but sometimes things just don't stick in her head well. You were the first person she has ever heard of throwing up to sugar."

"He's the first person I ever heard throwing up to sugar." Mike replied.

"I can't help it! We just don't have that on my planet. Can't fathom why!"

"Oh, Oh, turn here!" Tyler turned to Mike, realizing he was about to go the wrong way.

They turned off the long road they were on, moving downward before heading back up into a few more hills. They passed an open area with trees and swings, benches and a pick nick area. There was a small parking lot, and Onity figured it was another park. Tyler stared at it through the car window, the park another place he remembered.

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